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That my opponent attempts to train reinvent himself for not going to work and that we need to all make sure everyone can see through. Those. Frankly political climber. Antics. So yeah. So appreciate any any help folks can provide. Our voters able to vote by mail in. Montana. So Montana in primary had the best of all possible worlds we voted by mail for longtime a high percentage of Montana NHS have chosen to vote by mail for years myself included. in the primary, the governor gave all the counties, the option to do an all. All Mail ballot election but required them to if they chose to do that to allow for in person voting. An ensure ensure that we still had same day registration. So so people could go to their courthouses. They were encouraged to vote by mail, but they could go they could. In person work through any ballot issues. The that occurred if their mail in ballot had been rejected, they could work through that with with a person. And then we could still you can still go the day off and and and register that day and vote. That's the in my mind the best of all possible worlds. I hope that the general will be the same way that all the counties did decide to to to do that in the primary and. There just been a letter sent by I can't remember how many counties basically asking the governor for the same thing villa general. So I'm hopeful that that's that's what we'll have. Is there anything else that you would like to make sure we talk about today? Just how important this election is it said I. think if I weren't doing this, I'd be wearing a hole in my rug pacing in front of the TV just being so frustrated and. And and terrified for our country. Really. So I'm running to be that that true representative that that cuts through the hyper partisanship and focuses on policy and and solutions and. We need. That's what we need. We need people that are that are not in it for personal gain or or partisan ichthyologist we need. We need solution getters and we need people that are practical and and work well with with others and and know how to find. Common interests in unique areas this country. has is so incredible, my father. Fought for it in. World War. Two. And we need to get back to what makes this country song credible. So I look forward to to during that. Kathleen, thank you so much for speaking with me. Today will put a link to your website and your social media up on our website when we post the episode so that people can find you and I hope that they will help with a campaign like I mentioned at the top yours. So close in two thousand, eighteen, I really think this is the we ran out of time. We'll thank you colleagues, I appreciate the opportunity to be on your show and thanks for thanks for what you do from one garage. I snack you..

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