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Came here for college. And that's where she met this girl. Lena one fouling dead and call the police. All they cared about house asleep among air everybody. We have exhausted every possibility. Next is a liar. Not helping it. Myself i could. What's your name. Insist very protective. With god before no one would to you trust me and not from here. Let's not say she's my little girl among. It's not often that we get to talk to oscar winner on this show about a movie. That is absolutely a masterclass in both craft and theme and impact. But today we have tom mccarthy writer and director of stillwater which stars matt damon and abigail breslin along with co writers and. Forgive me if i pronounce the names wrong. Thomas bee gain and no debray. This movie is something special. It manages to be a compelling plot that drives interest for throughout the entire story if each is an incredible performance at the center as well as a number of very good supporting performances. but it's also one of the deeper films. I've seen recently in relationship to times. We live in the relationship. We have to our culture..

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