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Your lewis loganville bonner care way if you are a few thoughts on the mayweather mcgregor fight if you noticed yesterday some of the national sports commentators get known conor mcgregor a little bit after you know thinking about it for a day or so that they were disappointed that the gun it one hundred million dollars in and didn't put up a better showing than he did i saw that from several of the national guys yesterday were the equally is disappointed when many pack yo fought floyd mayweather and i love patio backyard might not mid one hundred but he made close to it it was horrible i remembered they were you wrote a think i was a big disappointment that turned a lotta people off air about he was disappointed in that by yes that i think people one of their learning disappointed in the fight but i didn't hear them criticising many paquito who reportedly had a shoulder injury before the fight it didn't even tell anybody i loved me many many pack yozo horrible i mean what we expect from mayweather immigra and when you think about it now after having a couple of days to think about it you really shame on boxing for sanctioning that fight it it never should have happened they paid a guy million who never had a professional boxing match in his life in yeah he went ten rounds uh but he didn't really show much he never heard mayweather and mayweather's forty years old been retired for two years he's not a hard puncher and he still knocked the guy out in i was thinking if that would have been kamilo alvarez somebody like that a young guy that can really punctured he would have destroyed mcgregor in a round or two absolutely and and everybody would have been like why.

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