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6 48 traffic and weather on the AIDS Today building in the W T O P Traffic Center and in Virginia. The volume delays up down 95 are still pretty lengthy and out of that a crash south of Springfield on the main line between back Lick Road and the Fairfax County Parkway. Telling one by one left side blocked a couple of right lanes or getting by slowly. No delay in the E Z pass lanes until you get to the Southern end. Then what? It all we're slow through Stafford County, Fredericksburg. Lots of out of state license plates and congested north bound on 95 in stretches slow from Quantico toward Springfield North founders are also rubbernecking. That South bound crash near Newington 66. Brief delays through the long term work zones near Notley. Straight 1 23 Beltway in Virginia Fine Beltway in Maryland. Only brief delays now on the Italy riding a silver Spring 50 westbound before the Beltway. Minor issue. Blocking the right side will be a sudden slow down west of 70. For it's raining and brandy wine and elsewhere in Southern Maryland Crash reported south bound on Branch Avenue near the three a one merge. We're good to go on 50 of the Bay Bridge to 70, still running heavy from Hightstown passed 80 or Bana volume has been easing their though westbound. I 70 near Marriottsville Road, Howard County Fire rescue at the scene of a crash. At the very most a single file, if anything, getting by westbound on I 70 near exit 83 by the initial crash response, BMC Software and D lt Solutions are here to help federal agencies get the solutions they need with this. How did year end offerings, visit www dot d lt dot com Backslash BMC Solutions to learn more Dave Tilden. W T o P Traffic Thank you, Dave. And now we go to storm Team four meteorologist Mike Stanford, and we're watching some heavy thunderstorms moving quickly through southern barely. They stretched from hunting town through huge villa southward.

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