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Boston good morning i'm deb lawler top stories now and active investigation is underway by foxborough police after a burglary is reported that the home of rob bronchoscopy kosgei the patriots' tight end found his house had been broken into after returning home from minnesota the opening bell will be ringing shortly on wall street the dow is almost 1200 point plunge yesterday was the largest point drop in history right now dow futures are down one hundred sixty points and more than one hundred public school employees in everett will be laid off due to a multi million dollar budget deficit ever it superintendent says layoffs are happening now because there would have been major financial issues if they had waited until the end of the year in other news on beacon hill former state senate president stan rosenberg appears to be losing support after new reports concerning his husband wbz's carl stevens reports estados who's the in the wake of a report indicating then senate president stanley rosenberg husband brian hafner had access to rosenberg senate email account acting senate president harriet chandler had this reaction claimed deeply concerned about anybody deeply concerned they seem to be a clear violation of firewall if their true if their true and that's what they're trying to figure out rosenberg stepped aside from his seat as president dozen ethics investigation proceeds governor baker says he should not return as president if this latest report is true carl stephens wbz newsradio 1030 democrats in springfield a melrose are mounting price mary bids against current state senators springfield city councillor adam gomez will take a ron against senator james welsh and melrose committee chair samantha hammer opens a campaign to challenge senator jason lewis of winchester welsh has been in office since 2010 lewis has not faced a primary challenge since he won his seat in 2014 a massive seventy car pileup kills one on in iowa interstate yesterday that crash involved a tour bus carrying some of the cast and crew of dancing with the stars live the bus was travelling to a show in ames iowa all of the cast and crew members are farm with some recovering from minor injuries a special gift for a family displaced after.

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