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People saw selena gomez crazy shutdown seeing could a christian i can't who wanna fuck i saw ty dolla sign lock people up been there gigging open their dancing cutty just fucking kill to showman who fucking amazing so good it was dope to to see such an equipped place man he's happy smiling like motherfucker and i was just fucking exhausted at this point it's like nine thirty pm bro i'm washed i've been here damn near twelve hours hours i'm getting in the car smashing home there was no traffic on the four or five which is fucking rare especially you come through cut the four five to the one ten men out smash some dude in a fucking homolka i don't wanna get into it but some dude in fucking honda civic was really trying to raise me was this like bro pro like for real for real for real as she got me so irritated man it was it was it was crazy because he was really smashing through cars and i didn't feel i kind of cut people obviously he was obviously rudely cut people off like come within inches of their cars for no reason we're seeing a little bit traffic we got four five and i saw dude i was like yo cobra would you try to do and he really tried a gun at like he really got it on the open road house bre i like a buck fifty on them with a fuck i lost like forty like at forty five he was i've lost from forty five to one hundred and fifty he was just like i couldn't even see them on fuck no more so i get home and i'm starving there's really not much i could really because i was running around and stopped across junior and gotta beyond berg her now is my crazy ass saturday night home past the fuck out and yo- miles we go do a weird little break right now because i don't feel like just going on and on so miles jordan throw on a lake in we don't come right back the ask and now it's endorsement time from.

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