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Thought that the cooks we're trying to poison him and so he became paranoid toward the end of his life well who knows because of course he was sitting on extremely valuable patents the patents that eventually gave rise to radio and television well first of all he made his name because he worked for thomas edison quit and then had a rivalry with him on the question of ac versus dc edison thought that dc electricity was supplied with energy in fact pearl street in manhattan was the first street in the world to be electrified with dc from thomas edison's generators but it was ac alternating current that one out promoted by nikola tesla this is sometimes called the war of the current and it turns out that dc loses a lot of energy when is transmitted on a wire it turns out that ac you hit much less wastage of electricity and energy as that's why ac is preferred over dc it's much more efficient well as time went on nikola tesla to became very famous he made these very odd asia's experiments you've probably seen photographs of him but in his collected works you begin to say some things that were not verifiable he thought for example that well maybe there martians baby we can communicate with them and he also thought that maybe there is energy from nothing that is wireless technology that he pioneer and wireless technology well is it possible to extract energy from the vacuum energy from nothing well according to einstein the answer is yes but according to the quantum theory you can calculate you can calculate how much energy you can get from the vacuum that it's called the casimir effect and it is extremely small so small it is not practical however if you want to find out more about negative energy get a copy of her my earlier books parallel worlds and also hyperspace which discussed the well rather magical properties up negative energy if you have enough negative energy acquaintance is equations you can create a wormhole machine you can create a time machine if you have in a negative energy energy from the vacuum so in that sense we think tesla was probably wrong however we physicists knowing his true contributions knowing that he's been forgotten by society we decided to name the unit of.

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