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For GM public policy for federal, state, and International, as well as the GM foundation John was a member of the GM executive committee from January first two, thousand, ten to May. First two thousand eleven prior to joining GM. John served as the senior vice president of state. Legislative Affairs for at and T. following the two thousand, five merger of SBC and at and T. he served as president of the Western Region for at responsible for twenty three states west of the Mississippi from two thousand to two thousand five. John was President of external affairs for southwestern bell he joined SBC now at and T. and September of two, thousand one. John was the two thousand, five chairman of the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce a catalyst for Economic Development San Antonio with over two thousand members from two thousand, seven to two, thousand, ten. John was President of the Board of the National Western Art Foundation for which he personally secured the lead gift to create the Dauth Janey Briscoe National Western Art Museum in San Antonio. John was also chair of the Advisory Committee for the Texas Parks. Wildlife Department he served as chairman of the Development Board of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio President of the San Antonio. Independent. School. District Foundation from two, thousand, eight, two, thousand, ten. Before joining SBC John Was Texas Tech University's First Chancellor, the chief executive officer of the university system. He was named Chancellor Emeritus in two thousand one John served as a member of the Texas Senate for fourteen years during his tenure in the Senate he served as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and Chairman of the Senate state. Affairs. Committee Texas monthly named Senator Montfort among the. Top Ten best legislators for five legislative sessions. John was an active duty officer in the United States Marine. Corps from sixty eight to seventy one after his military service he served as an elected district attorney. John received his bachelor's degree in political science and juris doctorate degree from the University of Texas at Austin John His wife Debbie are the proud parents of three children and five grandchildren. WHO. Folks. Sit Back and enjoy listening to my friend. Senator John Montfort, a true true Texas Titan I know you're going to enjoy this. Thank you so much for being here. I, really.

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