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Stephen smith went on. I was saying that the whole point of you guys bring light to racial oppression and whatnot wasn't about ah getting sacrificed job but it wasn't about getting colin kaepernick back in the n._f._l. Is about bringing light to this point and that's what you guys have done so he saying what is the the problem with him going in different route because he's choosing not to go the route necessarily day you in column. Maybe have taken us fighting for calling. The good job is returning him to the status. Quo being an employee. We didn't advocate for him to lose his job. Along the way i think ludicrous that somebody who <music> like stephen who's been so closely reporting on this would make a statement like this azima caught me guys last thursday today. Steven a. discussed jay z and roc nation new long term partnership with the n._f._l. Eric reed critical of jay. Z and stephen defended the move in read as you just heard no critical of steve nice position on doing that steven and i'm starting with you. Do you feel like he's handling this the right way eric i. I don't believe he's handling it the right way but let me i preface my comments by saying as i tweeted over the weekend. I'm not taking that bait. Nobody's going to pit me against ever agreed in college cabinet catholic. I have profound respect for ever agreed and i wanna go out of my way of saying this. I don't think anybody i think anybody on this planet. Rather would want a a friend like evergreen because every re talk about a brother in awe standing behind colin kaepernick my god i mean you talk about a rough rod and a warrior korea going down with the crew and not jumping ship. That's definitely eric reed and he's to be applauded for that. I just disagree with this this position in that everybody's been taking in terms of excoriating jay z and the deal with the n._f._l. As opposed to being a bit more inquisitive about it and finding <music> out what he does and one of the things that i've leaned on marcus is telling folks i remember when denzel washington and spike lee were doing malcolm x. and spike lee had told me there were black people. He were running to all the top domesticity up. Don't mess this up. That is perfectly reasonable. They didn't go off to them and say what the hell you doing the movie for man you don't make no damn y'all ain't y'all ain't fit to do this. They didn't do that what they said was. Don't mess it up and i i have no problem with somebody taking that position with jay z. looking at him as both a strategist and a capitalist knowing how jay z it could be how he's about his money and he's about making money and how adroit he has been doing so in some circles we've spent decades revering hearing him for that and applauding for that but suddenly he pulls that off here while in the process using or attempting to use the straw aw of the national football league to address the very things that colin kaepernick and eric what taking a knee four and we want to engaging condemnation. I think that's wrong now. Let me be very clear. I can understand from an optics perspective how looking at jay z sitting next to the commissioner smiling smiling and laughing at yakking it up. Is that the greatest look in some people's eyes. I get that i also get people looking at jay z and saying during that press conference offered you didn't articulate a game plan that you were going to exercise and what the overall agenda was. You weren't specific enough. I get that criticism because he's too. He's too brilliant to not have details to disseminate to the mass enlighten us about specifically. What you're you're going to do but that doesn't mean he's not going to do it and when i look at markets are closed by saying this. I think that somebody needs to ask eric. Read at this particular moment in time. What exactly is he protesting about. Because if you're talking about bringing attention racial oppression inequality police brutality ability considering the resources that the n._f._l.'s had and the extended tentacles that they're willing to use along with the players coalition and other things that are transpiring. It's the to me that at this point in time eric reid is protesting more about colin kaepernick then he is about the issues him colin cabinet were. We're originally taking a knee four and i'll stop there. Marcus see here's here's the thing stephen and i one hundred percent agree with what she said i would. I i let me preface it by saying this where i grew up at in south baton rouge wa grew up at around nor baton rouge. There's this thing called the g. code. I feel l. like the g code should be conversation between air greed and jay z. That's how you handle it. You have a seat at the table you you earn out these things that you just mentioned what is the plan jay and therefore the criticism that jay z is taken. I don't understand it stephen a cyst angels history when we start talking about more than luther king when we started talking about power infrastructure and trying to infiltrate a situation or system that we're trying to not only gain equality have embiid looked at as respected as the next man what the his skin is white whether he's from another demographic or anywhere you have to have a seat at the table like we we there is a there is a plan that was to kneel four four social injustice for discrimination for black men being killed industry at the hands of police officers. All of that was absolutely warranted today. I don't think anybody has disagreeing with that at all but here's the ball now. Now you have this interpersonal battle of something that i would i would i would take the side of saying this is transpired in order to push the narrative forward. I believe that's what jay z is eluding to. I believe that's what he believes. I don't like the fact that his two brothers attack and brothers over social media instead of having a conversation about what is the play like to look get. This situation is does this hardening for me. Based on your greed is saying but marcus. Here's the thing jay z has a said a word about eric ry. He hasn't said had anything but positive words about college cabinet so the attacks have been one-sided deal and so now we have to get to why that is eric reid went on the field at lincoln -lica- financial field and tried to attack malcolm jenkins for what because you thought he co opted the movement you're accusing daisy theory of the same thing you're alluding to sell out status being attached to him okay and why it's not because us we're not addressing the issues of racial oppression police brutality racial inequality because the n._f._l. Players coalition is clearly making attempts attempts to do that and i'm not saying they're working finish and they don't need to do even more. Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying the n._f._l. Owners that they're interested all right and above board and they don't absolute no more. I'm not saying any of that what i'm saying. Is that the efforts clearly. You're talking about nine figures plus being put into issues to address those very issues. The colin kaepernick at eric reed swore they were about but here eric reed is willing to attack anybody that remotely disagrees with him about colin kaepernick so it seems that this moment in time that he's protesting on behalf of colin cabinets more than he's protesting about oppression impression inequality police brutality etc and all saying is if that's what you do and then say so and leave it at that and stop feeling the need to attack everybody who remotely disagrees with you because molly marcus. I'm here to tell you who the hell would disagree with. Colin cabinet and eric reid's originalist intention. The answer is no one we have a problem with how eric reed has elected to handle things publicly and i think the brothers a good brother his heart's in the right place but he's better than that and he knows we come but i'm sure eric reid's upset about his boy who is being blocked by the league. It's unfortunate that he doesn't have a job but at the same time with that being said jay z turned down the halftime where here's a labor now like you said he has a seat at the table and we need people to force change leaders in this change movement and he's the perfect guy to do so and he talked action and i'm sure we'll be hearing his plan soon. Yes molly you the hosted to the show this year the former n._f._l. Player now work hit correct me. If i'm wrong baltimore miami seattle and denver all all were in position to offer colin cabinet the job after the knee after the position that eric reid is talking about fax tax. Welcome back to i take we're coming to you live from behind. It can river deck at pierce seventeen before the break. We're discussing eric reid's latest criticism about jay aziz partnership with the n._f._l. As it relates to one colin kaepernick marcus it is your turn to respond here getting here. I just want here's the thing amaleans stephen i wanna put people on game about this situation that is transparent in this public narrative right so everything originated live from what colin kaepernick was doing kneeling down until your point mentioned before stephen about the teams that i would i would be i would be remiss to know what the stipulations were. Could he continued to kneel. How would that be looked at if he was had the ability to sign with this team. I'm sure those conversations had to take place when they were talking about signing him but but in eric eric in the situation in the things that we're talking about here's the thing that's so disheartening to me when when you when you when you pry and when you go oh and when you fight to have a seat at the table to to try to create change being been your occas- outland is we don't want you there we. We don't want you taking deals. Here's the thing for me like air erie you steal in the n._f._l. If you just like we were talking about a be if you have such such a huge problem with the power structure but you choose to give you services to something that you obviously hate now. I understand you making a lot of money honey and then also like can we stop with the whole situation of talking about these things so loudly and publicly and just go get the work done. The one person that's not allowed is the guy that started all of this and that's colin kaepernick like angry have to fight on behalf of colin kaepernick. It seems as the meeting for nick and this girl and this has everything's situated figured out. He wants to be an n._f._l. Don't go happen. That's the sacrifice you may e._s._p. E._s._p._n. To the top of the second hour i got something to say about that very point..

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