Kipp, Connor Lamb, Donald Trump discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Young man last night that ran he said i'm like trump i you know second i love the tax cuts everything you i i mean mean also resume campaign nice things about kipp sitting republican like a republican by the way me a lot of people on on tv and conservative radio yesterday we're claiming that connor lamb was a conservative who just basically followed in trump's direction that's actually this is gonna shock you but like the seth rich story in so many others that's just not true lamb called the republican tax bill a giveaway to the top one percent support expanded background checks support rovers swayed and criticised attempts to repeal obamacare lambs opponents spared no expense in reminding voters were he stood republicans and conservative groups spent thirteen point three million on tuesday special election outside groups behind the republican candidate vastly outspending the ones that backed lamb with ads that depicted lamb as a liberal and one of nancy pelosi sheet but now that he is apparently won the race republican house thought like who's sitting there putting commercial together going you know what that's gonna get in voting yeah rick secured first of all it's treating people in pennsylvania like i mean what are you telling people just remind people yesterday on this show show connor lamb called nancy pelosi to step aside in washington yeah and so again it's crazy they they go from saying that he's a tool a liberal tool of nancy pelosi to saying that he's a republican and why doesn't he just switch to the republican party the day after he wins it's ridiculous and said they were with him the whole way.

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