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Al Durham the original starting five for this. Who's your ball club and Arkansas still has broken their huddle yet? But we assume it'll probably be their original starting fibers. Well, gabo Savoy, and does he sells Adrienne Bailey is air Joe and Jalen Harris bowl teams. Dim glowing write ups are bit different than normal, obviously for not playing for Indiana for the second straight game because of back problems and Daniel different sitting out the. To get ready for the NBA draft not wanting to hurt his status because he's definitely entering the draft. So and he's the best player for Arkansas. So there's no question Vobis teams are short handed in that regard. But finding a way to do it and get away. Some other guys have picked up the slack. Green nine points in that first half three three pointers made for green really nice pick me up all pensively for losers in the forest want. Morgan was really good nine points on three of six shooting may three free throws as well. And that I have on just a big pain of giving Guam Morgan the ball early and often here in this half establish your presence. Let Arkansas no we're going to score around the rim at will. And we're going to do with our best player Arkansas ball to start the second half. Jalen Harris has it on the left shot harassed on the dribble. Throws it out the Isaiah Joe who pitches Whiteside. A real Bailey. Bailey holds on the way and gives it back. Top of the key to Joe Joe, look slapped Rosa buoyant Osimo it holds on against your wad, bats Pashtu Bailey. Top of the key pulls up. Take a shot away. Now, he does force upper shot off the rim. No, rob, courtesy pulls down rebound. Donald floor. Bitter Justin Smith. He takes it across the key pulls up for a little ten foot runner. That's way off the Mark and the rebound OSA boy backups Arkansas to break does. He sells throws it outside. Isaiah Joe for a three any berries. And is eight Joe has got his eight point of the Gabay held him in check in the first half. They can't let him get going here in the second. He is a really good marksman. Now, here's devante green throws it out to Al durum as Arkansas has a one point advantage. Now, here's a quick three by Durham any barriers. What both teams grease here at the app. Set is Al Durham picks up. His first field goal of the game. Boy now here is Isaiah. Joe he pumps another trae. It's no good. A devante green comes up with the ball on the break down the floor. Al all by himself. What a great book pay grade. Got six point two field goals of the game. Come here at the outset of the second half, Indiana by four key. Isaiah Joe holds against zero vaccinate between the circles throws a left sided does. He sells he pitches. Baco Sheboygan pitches right to Harrison terrace bats is a down low to aid eight real Bailey who works Justin Smith on the baseline rivalry slams it on a reverse layup straight line drive, right along the baseline, nobody on the weak side for Indiana. Really Pat on the ball defense that time in easy to for the Razorbacks six points. Now for Bailey JIRA spiracy outside past comes to on the left side. He takes the top bass passed the fantasy back comes rob with the dribble left. Throws it out the Justin Smith Smith gives it up to Al Durham, he drives it right? Downloaded Jon Morgan on the baseline kicks out to the left side to fantasy and he is trying to call for traveling violation. And here comes Doron Davis. Checking into the lineup. Justin Smoak, we'll sit out in a good offense from Indiana started on the low block cake out. And then you swing the ball around the primer. Get the defense rotating out of that double team just unfortunate travel. Otherwise, it's an easy straight line drive to the basket. Paris to Bailey on the right wing Juwan on him. Now throws it out those subordinate pitches left side the Joe Sills top of the key. He goes right to Harris on the perimeter. And he drives to the left side throws. A downloaded ESI sells for a nice go play. And does he picks up an easy basket inside twelve of the contest? And now, it's tyrod Parikh five here's algorithm outside the devante green into Ron Davis. Nice spindle pulls it up left hand off. Davis has pointed. That's his first field goal. Back down to the corner. Jalen Harris has got it. For Arkansas goes outside, the Oso boy and Bailey, they work at around the perimeter to sills on the right side, he rebels back to the left. He gets outside. The a real Bailey. Bailey fakes the pass inside than handled off to sills are given go Plato Savoy under delays up, and it's going to be a blocking foul called on. How Durham it looked like he had position. But maybe a foot. I'm at a terrier line. That's why you gotta make sure you understand where one the basketballers and to the timing of that pick and roll nice little bounce pass dumped down for Arkansas. Al's just a half second too late. If you see the ball burst. You can sprint out beyond that semi-circular. Get your position I agree with you, Don he was their feet Sabatini have time to get out beyond the semi daily free throw line. And he lays earn accident is seven point of the game. Bailey only average is five point five points a game. But he's knocked down seven points in this one looking for his eighth here at the stripe with sixteen fifty to go in the final half. And he can tie up the second pot. It's way got them. Both eight points now for Bailey and Indiana and Arkansas deadlocked at thirty seven all in bad past comes from now Durham the fantasy back. It comes to Durham Durham gets it across the timeline quickly. And now backs it out now the right side passes it into Doron Davis Davis goes against Isaiah Joel passes deflected and stolen by Arkansas. Turnover for Indiana back the other way does he sells for a long three. He hit it. Boy this kid's going on fire today. That's his third three at key point of this ball game too, many spot up threes wide open in transition Indiana's got to hustle back. Think most importantly communicate match up on those shooters beyond the three point line. Now, Arkansas leads by three at forty two thirty seven NBA the Amazon. Devante green with the basketball slides it to the right side. And then works on a given go play tried to feed it inside another bad passed away. At Arkansas, here's Harris, he puts it up. No, they're going to call a foul on Joon mortar dangerous play that time by Harris. Not that they shouldn't have done it. But that's a big time. Collision looks like he's gonna be okay. But again, a costly turnover from Indiana leads to a fast break free onto for the Razorbacks tough start here Indiana's still within striking distance. But a three point deficit right now Arkansas has done what they needed to take this league. Sixty minutes left here on the final half of play.

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