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They've chosen in their battles they've avoided an assault on the second amendment or even just on republicans in general who are the most vocal guardians of the second amendment how quickly did their tactics their strategy and their agenda coalesce really even in forty eight hours they had decided that they wanted to send a nonpartisan message some of them are advocating for a ban for the air fifteen but certainly not all of them and the first stop that they would like to make is simply more stringent background checks and what they call common sense gun law reform their sense of urgency really comes from wanting to stop this and not from taking a side a lot of them are not even old enough to vote and at the meetings and tallahassee there were kids that identified as republicans kids identified as democrats and kids that said they had no party affiliation they were just there because they want to stop gun violence in ottawa necessarily identify him as the leader of the student movement in parkland but patient zero sort of as a kid kidney cameron caskey was he the first to seek fellow travellers for an organized movement he has a lot of energy my name is little air he probably got everybody organized on the playground and he'd written a post on facebook that had gotten the attention of the media so he had started giving interviews at the national news media pretty quickly so he was already out there and his living room i think is where they've been having their planning session so far i'm here.

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