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Just not true down and three last lined up in front of my innocence in the light on the left was abalone and mother Pearl on her and spoke to me, and then the sports and thought and told me what I was doing was good. How's it going into good direction? But what my responsibility was for mankind, I had to look for help the spiritual round and it said you, you may not come with us or return of your body, and can you continue destiny. It's your choice. So. So I went back and started over again at the brain shows. You had to learn how to walk toffee dress myself all over again. It was a motion, mental, spiritual, physical rebirth that I did myself, and I took the word faith and rent that faith around me. And that was heating aspect of my ordinance faith for then tastic adventures in trusting him, and this is not religious. The spiritual difference between organized religion. Spirituality organized religion is built for people to be afraid of hell. Spirituality for people who have been there, and I'm in a second. He knows he nailed that he's proud of himself. Gary Busey with us again, UC 'isms is the name of the book. So when you say you've been through hell, tell us what it is at at what point did it feel like most like, hell? Well, you create yourself is feeding you details natural, but when you come out of it to make the decision to change, that's when you know you're in a very, very slow of burning your thoughts, burning your ideas, burning your conscious, burning your truth, burning your purpose, not burning like a fire burning, like taking it away. When you let go of your truth in your gifts, that's a hell. Heaven is not have been there. I have been there. That's a beautiful place to be black belt. You own many of them own many black belts in in many arts, correct. Honorary of black belts in for martial arts. The ones we used in the fight scene lethal weapon kept wait till Brazilian martial arts that you fight with your arms legs elbows in heads and hands without weapons, tackle on Bill and judo jujitsu from Brazil and jailhouse rock a martial aren't, it's not Elvis. This is the most of our developing prisons for fighting in twelve quarters. Wait a minute. Jailhouse rock is. That's an honorary blackbelt in tight quarters house rock bills. I call high us on because that's the safe word to make everybody feel like they can get it too. Because if you do the right things talked right way behaved the right way. He'll get anything in honorary position. Very good. So again, the new book UC 'isms is available now I just I need clarity on something. Here's celebrity. Apprentice a Meatloaf really lost his cool with you. He wanted to fight you because he thought you stole his art supplies. Can we finally have the truth on that story? Like what the hell happened there? Did you steal the art supplies? No, I did not. I had Mon our supplies and me low, went off on a tirade promising to put me in the hospital and four minutes and. I just sit there and then I saw the producers getting front of meat, love one inch from his nose, screaming at him, maybe, oh, came into poverty is to me, and I said, okay, that's good. And we were the boardroom. I didn't say anything about it, but anybody who would behave that way and a real job before Dahmer spot lose their twenty year pensions. Lose the gold watch and lose any honor to head was working in the company. So I said, nothing. I'm protecting everyone. I can not being harmful and what happened happened. There's a beautiful thing that happened and me love got fired after I did for doing the same thing with me, they didn't know you for. What a great guy. Great artist, not in Florida..

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