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Kind of a borderline state during the civil war the others of the Confederate army tried to pull it up he's into fighting for them hold on for a second timber at the bottom of the hour will come back and talk about your grandfather's headless horseman citing it will take final calls next on coast to coast AM don't forget to watch your TV show beyond belief with George nori just logon to beyond belief dot com stadiums on newstalk eight forty three X. N. T. special report coronavirus update the Senate has approved a four hundred eighty billion dollar virus age package measure will replenish of small business rescue program top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer says medical support is also coming the legislation now includes an additional two hundred twenty billion dollars a hundred twenty billion for small businesses a hundred billion for our health care system divided among health care providers and a testing I need for testing and contact tracing research reveals that a malaria drugs supported by president trump for treating covert nineteen showed no benefit or from medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen this study done by veterans administration doctors looked at more than three hundred and fifty vets with covert nineteen and found that those who took hydroxy chloride Quinn that the drug the trump likes and more than twice the death rate compared to patients who didn't take it.

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