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To all new players and talk about a guy with enthusiasm and about being happy to be here he loves it here he said you know i've never had the opportunity to play in milwaukee before i came here and on the first night i was in love with the city i was in love with this ballclub in this ballpark just way i was when i came in how it was treated number one and how the fans react for at this ballpark is pretty special so he's happy to to be here and i think he's going to be a big part is paul come from now until end of the year second part of the question was whether or not you can send kion braxton down with the defense that he's playing and he mentioned eric themes in that conversation and i don't i don't i know things is playing the outfield right now you're going to get lorenzo cain back and lorenzo cain is a really really good he's one of the best defensive center fielders out there so you're if you lose kim brockton but you're gaining lorenzo cain you're getting good defense for good defense maybe braxton has a little better ability of that dramatic saving homerun playback he leads major league baseball in the last couple of years in homerun saved in the ninth inning or later it's so he's got that flair for the dramatic i don't i don't see air themes going anywhere he's hitting home runs right now he's got the ability to play different positions i don't think i don't believe you can send him down to the minors without designating him where he'd be available for other teams to pick up you still can do that with rockstar is using his final option here this year so if they do have to make a decision lorenzo cain comes back if they don't do something with the pitching staff which i don't think it's gonna be a picture i think at that point you're going to have to send down up position player it probably comes down to braxton going down or going back down tyler salvino is going to be back soon that could certainly impact that could impact and eric so guard but i don't think eric dame's is going to be involved in all this i don't think so either i think he brings too much w look lady miss he missed forty one games and he's got twelve home runs that's that's pretty special what he can do guy can change a game with one swing a bat and he's actually playing pretty decent outfielder he's had some ups and downs at times but overall he's paying pretty good defense two thirty and you're you're not gonna that's nothing to write home about his own basis three twenty nine that's pretty set a one hundred he's got one hundred point better on base percentage than he does batting average so that's he gets on base people complain sometimes about when he hits in the leadoff spot because you view them as a home run hitter first off i don't think there's a rule that you're not allowed to hit home runs out of the leadoff spot but secondly as much of a home run hitter as he is and you mentioned the twelve bombs that's probably his second best skill set his number one skill set is the ability to get on base it is in the you know the boat leadoff home runs we had a manager on the other side they're just did a pretty they used to do a pretty nice job of driving volatile ballpark in paul mater who's now in the hall of fame has got a little circle what is number up above miller park here that did it quite a bit so you can help them runs from any place as long as you can hear them the only guy who can have a locker in both clubhouses he's got a clubhouse locker all the all the retired number guys have a clubhouse locker brewers clubhouse since obviously modder has one in each one more phone call before we take a break doug's in baraboo hey doug you're on wtmj hey.

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