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Thousand watt flow, George of the Rocky Mountain west. From ABC news. I'm Sherry Preston deadly attack in New Zealand. I'm sixty six Neva thought for the to see some New Zealand that woman speaking after two shootings at two mosques in Christ Church total number. People have died in this horrendous event, forty nine New Zealand national police Commissioner, Mike Bush one person. A male in his late twenties has been charged with murder is three more people have been arrested. Dozens of people are hurt. This man was inside one of the mosques eyeso- on the flu. The bullet shells soul mini, hundreds police in cities across the US have been stepping up patrols around mosques. President Trump is promising to veto the resolution passed by congress rejecting his declaration of an emergency at the southern border. So billions can be used for the wall. Several Republican senators voted for the resolution ABC's, Mary Bruce public and say this isn't about border security isn't about the president's wall. This is about the constitution and concerns that the president is overstepping by going around congress, which of course, does have the power of the purse USC is now cracking down amid the scandal around wealthy families accused of scheming and bribing to get their kids into college. ABC's Qena Whitworth USC taking swift action telling us that so far they have identified six. Students in the current application process as being connected to this scheme, and they will be denied admission Israel is striking back after a rocket attack in Tel Aviv. These really army says it carried out air strikes on one hundred HAMAs targets in the Gaza Strip, including military headquarters rocket manufacturing plants and naval sites. No injuries. Have been reported ABC's Jonah Miller and Jerusalem. Several reports say North Korea's threatening to cut off denuclearization talks with the US. You're listening to ABC news. If you're bored of crushing candy make the switch to best fiends. This five star rated mobile game is not your average puzzle game. It's a game America's fallen.

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