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You know you in your your wealth depends entirely on you keeping cold awhile you've got to irradiate the gold like Goldfinger does in Fort Knox. That's genius. That was pretty smart Goldfinger. He's a smart guy I mean he's always painting people with gold which maybe is not smart as like he needed that goal. You can't corn on the mark of Painting Ladies Goal. Now I mean what that does is create scarcity also it's to put gold leaf on something not not that much also who knows if actually buried it on her. Maybe they scraped it off. I well all you'd have to do is burn her. The gold does not burn it would melt what if she doesn't want to be cremated but she's dead. She has no right to Dr who you are dead especially if you do not cremate notice on her living well if your body is in the hands of a bond villain you're you're you don't and have a lot of rights anyway back to Kasuga and Siegel. Did they pay anyone with onions who don't think the I think the historical record is silent nine one on that but they tried to corner the onion market and here's how they did it. They started buying onions. Yeah that makes sense. That's exactly what I would do shoes and you know they go around. Saying things like <hes> onions are delicious yeah. I want onions fans looking more that happened later so onions were onions kind of started the year at about two dollars and fifty cents a Bushel. uh-huh onions are sold in bags. Not Bushels is true at the time I is it like kind of flour sack sized bag of onions two dollars. That's good deal two and a half dollars a Bush well. This is nineteen fifty something dollars right and they buy up onions and they buy up onion futures to the to the point that they at one point control almost the entire supply of onions they own thirty million pounds of onion. They could turn off the onion faucet awesome at any time that's forcing Americans to eat even blander food than they were already eating in the fifties. That's right you couldn't make onion rings. You couldn't make I mean half of the Chinese food I he seems like it's three quarters onions. You order like chicken with vegetables and it's like a bunch of half cook on INS in some some green onions onions and a lot of stuff and I've become aware of this because because my kids don't like onions onion powder goes in a lot of things what are some things that onions are in <hes> soups. They're on every cheeseburger chicken Potpie Burgers <unk>. Sometimes sandwiches have them it turns out onions are a major major food and it depends on whether you call them a food or a condiment that that will that will oh come up later in the story. Oh Yeah on a hot dog you actually would use them as a condiment. Well you mean onion Sauna Burger. I think the Monroe I think of them as a recipe ingredient reading. I'M GONNA vote food here. Just you know advances futures market for what I'M GONNA call onions but what Siegel and Kasuga did was then they went to onion growers. Here's who still had some onions on the vine and onions crime is almost certain onions crushed right on the vine is just a youth. It's IT'S A it's a term of art in the ground. It's like news on the ground. They said listen we're going to flood the market with onions literally crashing the price of onions onions unless you onion growers by back these onions what do tender Ben and Jerry's and Wells Fargo have in common their all iconic businesses founded by regular people so how they do it. Where did they go wrong? Where'd they go right and how can so you start your own iconic business? Do you have to meet when you were kids like Ben and Jerry what if you all end up hating each other like the founders of tinder or what if one partner wants to hit the road and the other wants to stay home home like Henry Wells and William Fargo. I'm Dana Barrett host of the new IHEART PODCAST BIZARRE AFFI I'm a former Tech EXEC turned serial entrepreneur turned T._v. and radio host and over the course of.

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