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So one specific element of designing the application, and this is a design question for basically any mobile application is that of notifications, so get hub dot com. I often feel like I'm drowning notifications and so I imagine figuring out how to design around notifications for the for the mobile application has its own set of thorny issues. Tell me about how to get notifications right in the design. It's very hard. Probably don't have it perfect. There's just too many different ways that people use notification, so we're trying to build a set of behaviors and like interactions that will let people. At least find the things that they care about most quickly and get rid of the things that they don't care about very quickly so I mean one obvious example is like you can just swipe things away like just Kinda. Just swipe sight and clear out your inbox. We've also worked with the get hub DOT COM team to build out filters. You can jump to a specific set of notifications by repository, or by the reason. The notification was triggered like was it. It triggered because you were mentioned as a team reviewer because you were mentioned by name, or because you've at some point, clicked, subscribe on a particular issue, and there's been new activity in there so Caqueta get you into those filtered views as quickly as possible. We're working right now. On some more tools to help you clear out an inbox faster like being able to triage, just being able to select a whole bunch of notifications once Markham has done and move on. And then I would add. We've been very very careful about push notifications because we just know, there's too many people that get too much stuff. If we enabled push notifications for everything out of the gate, nobody would use the APP. It'd be a gigantic nightmare, so our philosophy has been. You have to opt in to push notifications, and then you're going to have to opt into each type of push notification. That is important to you luckily for us right now. Now the only type we support is direct dimensions such a pretty easy. If you turn on notifications, you get direct mentions, but eventually you know you can. We'll be able to support more push types like what happens when someone assigns you an issue or request your view on a request, you'll be able to opt into those specific sets of push notifications and really control the content that you care about and then the last thing that is on our mind which. We are working on hopefully hopefully, come soon. We're trying to think about. There are lots of people who use get hub as part of their day job. This is like a nine to five. They log into. Get up because they are doing work that they're being paid to do and outside of those hours. They don't want to check They don't WanNa be paying for this kind of stuff, so you've been thinking high level. Like what is it look like to just tell it hub. Hey, I work during these hours it's safe to. To tell me about new development activity happening on get hub within these hours, but outside of that. I don't really care, so we're calling this working hours. You'll be able to find that an APP. It'll be per day, so you can say Monday through Friday I work nine to five Saturday and Sunday. I don't WanNa hear anything at all, and will will silence those push notifications in the background given that schedule, so it's not quite do not disturb. It's a little bit of the inverse. These times where yes, you can send me things in every time else. We'll silence it, but it doesn't impact the rest of your. Applications on your phone with, do not disturb. Nice is useful because that's. Kind of a one of these things. It's Sorta like slack where it's like. Pro Sumer. It's a productivity tool. It's also consumer tool I can imagine wanting to see push notifications from something that you're casual follower of, but not wanting to see push notifications from something work related so I can imagine needing that really fine grain notification management there to to create the right experience depending on how you happen to use get hub other any other design decisions that come to mind when you when you think about this. Is this a productivity tool. Is it for work?.

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