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Could, like, buy one of these boots. Not just affordable. Put the baseball card once for like kids Parties. Yeah, Yeah, you get it for a kid's 10th birthday. You don't put it city field. I mean, that's That's his ad. And also once you've gotten at once, like is that something you need to have your kids keep getting every time you go to Citi Field is all. Let's get one more baseball card, right look exactly the same Well, it's also classic Schwartz that he's just looking for the Mets to add something that he can take hold. I mean, don't you have enough crap at home? Schwartz, You have 600 baseball's from Long Island Ducks games. You have a stinky sock from a G league basketball game. Okay, You got programs from every high school p a announcement that she ever did high school football game. And they're all hanging on the walls like this is Kantner Cooperstown? Don't you have enough crap? Now you need to go to Citi Field and have the kids going toe stuff themselves into a photo booth on a hot July night. To superimpose. You know Howard Johnson batting helmet on him. I mean, honestly, is this this is the change you want. I just want to see so representation of the two greatest moments in franchise history. Just wanna look at that and say, Oh, yeah. You know what? We don't always suck. There was two times in 60 years. We didn't suck. There were only two times, but I want to be reminded that we don't always suck all the time. What shorts wants is another Give Give away! You know, it's just like, please build more stuffs like and stuff my garage like a hoarder full of dopey, meaningless, worthless crap. Well, it's very clear D A wants to distance himself from the Schwartz idea, Sleep and no, Let's keep going know that their ideas are very, very different, and they were very people, and it should be just one caveat that reminder that he's tweeting the Mets owner about his idea, and he's a Yankee fan. Yeah, sure. That's right. He's a Yankee fan. His wife is a Mets fan. But he's a Yankee fan. Right? So the idea of a kid His kids or Mets fans. They had like a phantom draft when they went when they had them. So I had this worked. Look, the beat reporter of the shorts family knows the deal. Mariah's Give us the background on this because this is a very well known story. He's repeated this number of times when you got married to his wife, he said. Okay, we could split the teams, but they need I need one team then, and they need to be Islander fans. As if there has never been one pushback from his wife that she's a Ranger fan or something like that, and then his kids wouldn't be Islander fans. So then she got the Mets because she cares what the Mets it doesn't make any sense. Yeah, there was a fan draft Bosie, right, so he got the Islanders and she got the Mets for the two kids. But again, I don't understand that they wouldn't have not been Islander fans because she's not like she's some kind of your thumping Ranger fan. It doesn't make any sense so she might have had the number one pick in the draft and took the Mets and then he was Number two Guess he should've pushed jets on it. But maybe she's a Jets fan, too. I'm not sure. Yeah, so, so good job, Pete and no offensive. You met fans, But you know of all, you have all these loser franchises, and you had one out to make a team's root for a winning franchise. The Yankees and you chose not to. That's a poor choice. Pete. The body Biladi also had and he had a suggestion for Steve Cohen is. Well, What was your suggestion for Citi Field? Well, two suggestions. One. I wanted to kind of corner bar and left field. But that'd be a nice little touch. Congress Corner was it is a Ralph kind of postgame show throughout the seventies and eighties and even into the nineties, I think It is kind of a beloved tradition for Mets fan so kindness corner, which would be very cool is a bar and then I I Empire State Building a giant replica of the Empire State Building Hammer game. So whenever a met hit a home run, and someone who was a designated fan for the day can hit that hammer game and win some money. Where prize when something like that. So you kind of wanted to be like the carnival carnival at Citi Field. I mean, I I thought of that was Bernie Brewer when he goes down the slide not gonna do that Same thing. Do something a little different after they hit a home run. Well, they do have the apple. The apple comes. We should happen. Peter. You're have a home run something else to it. How many countries do somebody home run gets it. You have somebody come from section 3 43 to wave a sledgehammer ready and an empire steeped like where you in coming up with this? They wouldn't know. Destroyed by the way. What do you want? A fan. The shit is this out instead of feel with a big sledgehammer for nine innings? What? The Mets don't homer, that one. Think I wasted his time for three hours of the game so that you make it Experience. What's experience? What do you put affordable for baseball card next room and also kind of season? An Airbnb? Right? Kindness, corner bar? Yeah, Pete wants it. Then the moment he pays $14 for a bud light will be the first one cursing at the bartender after you're right. You know what? The more I read the tweet was on your ideas stink. What will the other ideas most? Let's paint the seats. Okay, everyone has that idea. Right. Okay, Pete, but you don't have to have an idea. Just have an idea to have the idea. Yeah. Enough for you Want to go get another shirt made for yourself? More as your idea was to paint the seats? No, I didn't have an idea because I'm not gonna go care. Yeah. That was a popular one. T repaint the seats like they weren't Shea, orange and blue and Green and red. Stupid. That was ugly. It was built in 1964 because of 1960. That's why it was Shea Stadium, though, that I don't actually don't mind that Pete had a third idea. Get the squirt gun into the clown's mouth and balloons clown being Bobby Valentine on it Blows Andy Chavez off the wall. How about a day where we have all personalized Twitter handles on unhappy to give him out? This'll morning more rises, wearing his at Maria's CBS hat? Yes, his hat has at Mariah's CBS on it, That's all it says on it, So he's Promoting himself. No, no, Andrew Bogus has our headlines. Mr. Bogue's what we got. DEA. 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