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Good morning, I'm Michelle bash. And I'm John Aaron, the top local stories we're following this hour, people from all across the U.S. are gathering in D.C. today to march for a federal assault weapons ban as Congress returns today from a spring recess. The march is being coordinated by the nonprofit group march 4th. It'll start on the national mall at 9th street and end at the taft memorial on constitution avenue. Calls for an assault weapons ban or growing louder after several mass shootings in the past weeks, including one of the private Catholic school in Nashville, and another at a bank in downtown Louisville, the march could impact your commute downtown, stay with WTO for the latest in traffic on the 8s. As we continue to follow developments on what's reported to be an agreement in principle for Dan Snyder to sell the Washington commanders to the Josh Harris group, we're also following a battle across the D.C. metro area over where the team's new stadium should be built. Loud and county board of supervisors chair Phyllis Randall has publicly stated that they will pursue bringing the commanders to a site near dulles international airport. Loud times mirror reports at Randall's office wants to sit down with the team in the future to discuss building on the water side mixed use site. Not all on the board support the plan and Randall's office added that they did not want to support the use of any county tax dollars to help build the new stadium, commanders already have their headquarters and training facilities in loudoun county. Luke Luger WTO. What is in store for Northern Virginia's economy? One analyst says it has lost a little bit of its mojo. Doctor Terry clower of George Mason university says the economy of the state's most populated region is resilient, and the unemployment rate is low, but clower says there are headwinds. He points to the shortage of availability of housing and declines in population, clower says some millennials have left Northern Virginia deciding they can not pay the area's sky high housing prices. Inside nova reports, clauses businesses will be challenged by a declining population that makes it harder to find workers to grow a business. News. President Biden's new federal telework plan is coming under fire from House Republicans, Kentucky, congressman James comer, is calling out the president for using the pandemic as for what he calls an expired excuse to expand telework for federal employees permanently. The comments from comer, who serves as the House oversight chairman, come after The Office of management and budget released new telework policies for feds, the new guidance tells agencies to try to balance meaningful in person work with continued telework flexibilities. Like many Republicans, comer is calling for a full return to office for federal employees who were working in person before the pandemic. For over 50 years, Maryland's commission on civil rights has been the only state entity allowed to fight discriminatory landlords. After thousands of complaints to the commission over the past three years have gone unanswered, Maryland's top prosecutor says he's ready to make a change. Up until now, the off the attorney general in Maryland had a very small role in enforcing federal and state civil rights laws. That's because Brown doesn't have the authority. At least not yet. There's a bill waiting for governor Wes Moore's signature that would allow Brown to start prosecuting civil rights violations. It's given me the authority to enforce it. Brown says he'll use the new power to prosecute landlords who are discriminating against low income renters. Our job is to protect Mariners and believe me, we're going to use all the authorities we have to do just that. Luke Garrett, WTO P news. There are some closures to tell you about today as D.C. celebrates its Emancipation day. D.C. public schools are closed today as well as DMV offices, the city's government is also closed as it observes the holiday. It means no trash collection today, and you don't have to pay the meter to park. Yesterday, April 16th was D.C.'s actual Emancipation day on that day in 1862, president Lincoln signed a law ending slavery in the District of Columbia. Still ahead here after traffic and weather, what movie won big at the domestic box office over the weekend. It's now 6 O 8. Get a precision AC tune up for only $59. Michael and son. Time for traffic and weather on the 8s back to Steve dresner in the WTO traffic center. Back to the district westbound of your cavity with the light it bladensburg wrote at last report the broken down currently blocking the left lane. We're doing okay on the freeway, but a bit slow southbound on D.C. two 95. The volume beginning at benning road standing up has these capital street, traffic moving pretty well over on I two 95. You can expect off and on delays, usual spot inbound suitland Parkway coming in from Alabama avenue. Let's head back to the freeway. It looks like me now have a new crash southbound three 95 freeway before main avenue to use a bit of caution over in Virginia. Southbound 95 backed up Dale City to over the yaka Quan after across the bridge. I'll expect a brief delay before you get to the Springfield interchange. Otherwise, we're in decent shape and both directions on the bell William, Virginia, no current delays on three 95 or 66, pretty good ride thus far along the GW Parkway. Back to Maryland, no problems to report on four or 5. And top side of the beltway Montgomery county. Delays coming in from New Hampshire avenue extending west up through the area of Georgia avenue inner loop currently not affected, north been on the BW Parkway. The delays outside the beltway were very slow from one 93 through one 97, a better ride would turn north of route 32. Westbound route 50 all clearer and coming off the westbound span of the Chesapeake Bay bridge three lanes hitting westbound. We currently have two lanes open, eastbound. Mark, we have pen line train 5 54 running 20 minutes late due to switching problems. Looking for a safe way to sell your car, go to fits by stock com, get the best value for your car in the safe environment of a new dealership. Fits by cars dot com that's the fits way. Steve reznor, WTO traffic, and your forecast now from 7 news first alert meteorologist Brian Van de Graaff. A more typical feel across the DMV today, temperatures in the mid number 60s. That's on point for this time of year just may feel a little different compared to that

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