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I'm add host of ideas in this age of click bait and shouting ideas is a meeting ground for people who want to deepen their understanding of the world. Join me as we crack. Open a concept to see how it plays out over place time and how. It matters today from the rise of authoritarianism to the history of cult movies. No idea is off. Limits ideas is on the cbc listening. Or wherever. You find your podcasts. This is a. cbc podcast. Eightfold all tale dark-haired inherited cracks cracks. Hi i'm bob mcdonald on this week. Show sharks have swamped the seas. Four hundred and fifty million years so scientists were shocked to discover. They nearly went extinct only nineteen million years ago. We certainly weren't expecting to find this dramatic ninety percent decline in shark abundance and diversity. Coffee may keep you awake. But it's not keeping you functional. Those stay awake all night committed significantly more errors on this task and caffeine stood essentially nothing to remediate that also engineers studied the remarkable properties of the elephants trump. they're able to section of about a hundred and fifty meters per second. It's like twenty to thirty times. This speed of a sneeze plus.

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