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That covers the plan. Somebody who is Paul? Yes it is okay. Sure I'll take one more holiday ago to the shoot that too high. You are on the couch to use a Mary married to me. Meet you where you calling from. I'm calling from Plano Texas. Okay I really appreciate you calling in and I know you don't have a lot of time that had you relate to the topic of choosing ineffective therapist in the what the Freud Low My the first one she I I hired her to help me figure out what was going on with my marriage anyways so I went to her probably five time and I gave up in the end because I found that she was actually gas lighting me and I didn't even know what gas fighting. Okay and what did you find? Why did you conclude that? What was she doing the same because she was telling me to do something and then I went and did it and because she wanted me to put a tracker on my husband car because she's like you need to know where he's going because I thought that he had a sexual addiction you know and I didn't know who he was going out with. You know what I'm saying and I felt so bad and so then. I told her that I did it and she said I did not tell you to do that. Oh I don't know who has the story that that's really newly really difficult. When you're reality is different than your therapist. Reality so act went. I work a lot with people on craft Perception right perception means that you're seeing a distortion is not the picture then. If you don't think that you're there is just seeing released straight on.

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