India, Joe Joe, Ms Hedh discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast - WKPWP - WWE Raw Analysis w/Keller & Andrew Soucek (10-03-2017)


You know what actually made a note of that that the not forget about it and yet one that when the night started off with them at the ended up get more of the crowd lined up at the night what ought the daily i think that a lot with with an order to get what he needs to happen or that it it worked out well there at their word that the proper out ear open a macho man whoever all there are a lot of back i'm a lot of ethnic at whoa there at that down it will ever had an accurate looming white chocolate that will open all the backlog ballpark or roaming yeah it work it worked out great eight at all bracket appeared at or roman later on with he'll that everyone won't open that'll happen at the end of the night at that that i got one allowed it up i they let their weight off that didn't happen inflict a handshake that took forever was that india if the moment that actually i i looked it up you're my report it was during joe joe's ring introductions after ring entrances had taken place and she announced roman reigns and the referee was kind of holding rains back at that point try to keep them from going after ms before the bell and ms hedh bailed out to ringside and that's where she introduced him and they were boos and then there was like this weird surge of cheer so that's that's what kind of jumped out like okay either this is working you know and ms is a really good he'll opponent and rayneses andrew and i agree did a good job this week not hurting himself in maybe helping himself but are thought i'm reserving the right that this didn't happen in the building and actually you know we're ready to like push a button and have some fake tears override the boos instead of just commuting the crowd like often they do.

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