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Gwinnett georgia real estate. Because you deserve no less county. Public schools is inviting parents community members and school district employees to apply for the gyms oversight committee group of community in school system representatives charged with the annual review of the academic knowledge and skills curriculum after the annual review. The committee recommends revisions and additions to the superintendent for adoption by the gwinnett county board of education. Many members served three years. Those interested in serving should complete the online application no later than august thirteenth county bar association was recently honored with the twenty twenty award of merit. Only twenty law day award of achievement. Twenty twenty thousand twenty one best newsletter award in two thousand twenty in two thousand twenty one best website award voluntary bar associations with one hundred and one hundred fifty members. Do you words for both years presented during the annual meeting of the state bar georgia awards of merit presented voluntary bar associations for their dedication to improve relations among local lawyers in devoting significant hours to serving their communities the law day awards achievement recognized the local bar associations for excellence in planning and carrying out activities in the respective communities to commemorate law day on may first the best newsletter awards are presented to voluntary associations that provide the best information source for their membership according to their size the best website award presented to local voluntary bar associations with websites said exemplify usefulness ease of use content and design in meeting the needs of the websites targeted audience and now immunity reporter. Jp edwards is with kimmel from georgia united credit union to find out how they are improving the lives of students in our community. School crashers the george united credit union. School crashers is an ongoing program provides to k. Through twelve schools that allows them the opportunity to receive. School improvement grants to improve the learning environment for their students in kim when you say improve the learning environment. What exactly can you do that money. It's really up to the schools. We normally have around two hundred fifty schools that apply for grants every spring and they submit a two hundred fifty word requests for what their school needs to improve the learning environment and so that goes before a judge panel and it is different or every school we have needs all over the place and some of them are very creative. Wall is the director of business and community development at georgia united credit union in with school. Crashers this year. There's a high school right in our backyard. Mountain view high school. That is one of the grant recipients. Tell me about what the credit unions doing for them. I've got to tell you. This is an unusual one for us. We did our first censoring last year for middle school and mountain. Dew has requested a sensory room for their high school which is a little unusual but after the pandemic act totally understand. Why special. Ed teacher daniel jenkins wrote her case for support because students are just overwhelmed with the isolation and with sensory overload when they return to the schools. So it's going to be a fun project. And i can talk about it all samanta okay. Well that's okay. Give me a couple of details of what the sensory room is going to be at mountain view high school. It's just a. I'm used classroom. That mohawk carpet is donating new carpet and padding. So it'll be really saw in end. Nice we're going to be tools to de escalate or to call themselves and even though we did. The bank of sensory rooms is is mainly for a student with an accent. -ality or special need or students with autism over stimulated. This frame would be available or students. In the general population that are dealing with amazon. So if you think about what would come a student. There are all kinds of equipment like three wall panels. That students can manipulate or fiber. Optic walls special seating that splash cymbal and calming like beanbag tight. Chairs are exercise balls or waddell stools. Where students can can soothe himself with movement or there could be yoga mats all kinds of things so georgia united credit union has this school crashers grant program in schools from all over the state. Right an to try to receive these grants. Yes in. This is our eight year of delivering school crasher programs so far in the first seven years we have already crashed fifty different schools literally across the state. And we've impacted almost thirty two thousand students so it is a coop program. It changes every year. But we're looking forward to mountain view because it's really close to our corporate headquarters that means our volunteers. A lot of the people that work at our corporate offices will be able to go and help eight and that's pretty exciting for us. We can be handsaw. How much money has georgia united credit union dolled out in grant money over the years in school crashers. As last year we had donated up to right at one point four million. But it's not just georgia nine and it's contributing dollars. The last couple of years. We also reached out to our vendor partners at georgina on it. And some of our business community light mojo our some of our other local businesses and they have donated to help defer costs for instance this year. We have The us i it's gonna come alongside and they're going to hurt some of the sensory equipment for us. We have some of our team members have contributed through our online giving portal at g. foundation dot. Org and that is one of the ways that your listeners can help. If they want to jump in and be a part of this school improvement program they can just select school crashers and make a donation with their credit artor. Their debit card. Kim wa is the director of business and community development at georgia united credit union in. It seems like georgia. United credit union is really flexing. Its muscle to touch as many lives as possible by improving schools in our communities. We are we are in our credit union believes in shared strength and we believe in giving back and making an impact and our foundation. The george united nation works directly with the credit union to take care of these projects. Kim wa is the director of business and community development towards georgia united credit union in kim. Thank you so much for the work. You're doing in our community. Thank you and thanks to all your listeners. A black to learn more about our foundation again. Go to georgia united. Credit union foundation's.

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