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Spill off. It's decided we're talking about yesterday's game. Can I Super Bowl in this bulls over I don't know if they won't sue us after the game's over right us unless we're making money from it. What did you think were you entertained were you board a texture said that big boy could've taken off his coat and sold it and fed hundred families. It's possible. I guess Bill Belichick came close to smiling twice not once. But twice. I did. Yeah. It was closed because I just was wondering if you would Iran he is just like grumpy old man seems a little unhappy isn't he even they're happy circumstances. I don't get it. I don't know. Why he so disgruntled all the time Tom Brady who everybody says is cocky, I didn't see any cockiness when the game was over. He was he was very. Jovial? But he was kinda he was spreading the wealth. He was hugging everybody. They couldn't interview them for like five minutes after the game because he just kept hugging people at random. But there was very little cockiness if any how because he's one at how many times how exciting could this be a lot? I think it's got still be exciting or he would retire. I don't know. What would be in it for him to keep doing it? If it wasn't still exciting for them. Three hundred thousand nine hundred seventy two hundred what were your thoughts on the game will talk to Nick. Hey, neck, filling, Wendy, how are you? Sorry. I wasn't ready built either. Hi. How you doing? What'd you think? I think the NFL jumped the shark yesterday. Well for one Adam LeVine couldn't look more disinterested. I mean, they, you know, it's just I think it's almost become too big with the like you said earlier Bill, I think expectations for what entertainment should be. I mean, if it doesn't blow your head off. You know, it's not good enough. So maybe they ought to just take, you know, take the foot off the gas a little bit make it more. You know, just make the game. Make it a few things. I mean, there's just this this hype about the Super Bowl that you know, it just doesn't seem like you can you can you know, you can fulfill it anymore with people. There's there's such a great expectation. Would you say realistically, maybe one out of every four five six or seven games really live up to the hype that they really are the best game of the year. It's it's very hard to pull that off. I mean, it comes down to the game, obviously. And that was a game. I mean that was just a you know, like almost a preseason. You know, not while the defense was great. But people have scoring there was no scoring, and you know. Guys that you thought were gonna play. Well, didn't even show up. I mean, it just it just took the air out of the blue. When you when you you build up a whole two weeks right from the playoffs and championship games that you hear this hype about these two teams hats off to the to the patriots. I find him. You know, just you know, what I mean? Like, I guess we're from Chicago Bulls won six championships. And we loved it and everybody else hated it. So it's the same thing there. But I just the halftime thing. They've just got Tonet down. There's just just his expectation. Plus, it could have been down even more that was pretty toned down. Yeah. Well, all the bands that didn't wanna play there to windy. I mean in protest up. So they might have been able to get you know, maroon five is a holiday bowl not the Super Bowl. I mean, they're not just start much Disney parade, Nick if they came to you and said, Nick, it's up to you next year you picked the band. We'll put them in the halftime. Would you throw in there? Well, I mean hard driving rock and roll that kind of thing, maybe a stroke. I was thinking, where's where's a good? Strong country band you need a band nickelsville Soldier Field. Not the United Center, you need people. You know, that that everybody jumps out of their seat to listen to with with a, you know, large catalog ah music, and unfortunately, all falls down to these. You know, the Rolling Stones Bruce Springsteen, you know, that kind of thing where people say, okay, I've got some prince everybody kept referring to the prince halftime that we had for the bears Super Bowl. Dow Becky Miami. That was great. Yeah. But let's not forget, I mean, there are a lot of folks that were offered this and and turned it down because of capper Nick, I'm sure beyond to put on a good show other people that might have been asked. So there was a real issue here. And I don't know if this is a career killer for maroon five, I mean, if you ask Adam LeVine this morning, should he have done it or not. I bet you he says he probably wish he hadn't done. It. Really interesting. Has there been anything positive said about him? Nope. It I think you know that going in. I think you know, automatically just by virtue of being the halftime show. People are gonna reputa-. A shreds. There's almost nothing you can do. Survived being the butt of jokes for the next six weeks. You know, whatever it takes until this goes away. There's there's a great somebody put together a picture of him with his shirt off in California. Then he's got a guy, you know, like about three hundred pounds, and he just got Illinois with a beer in his hand. It's going around the weapon. Thank you very much for calling. We appreciate it. Adam LeVine did put something out on insta-. We thank the universe for this opportunity to play on the world's biggest stage. We thank our fans for making our dreams possible. And we thank our critics for always pushing us to do better. He also shared this. This list of words, forgive embrace. Inspired unify stand kneel overcome. Oh, interesting. Is that a word jumble? What do we do? It. Those were overcome a pretty interesting to come stand kneel and overcome. Yeah. There's more up there to put a whole list inhale exhale. Okay. Cool. Much like these me awards is having a hard time getting a host. It's the same thing with the halftime show at Super Bowl. There was a time where if you got one of those things what better feather in your cap. Could you have been doing the halftime show the Super Bowl or hosting the Academy Awards? But now, I think people are savvy to the fact that just by just by saying, you'll do it. You're opening up the floodgates criticism. And it's because all we do is complain who cares, man. It was the pop band and they played some of their song. I know but watch like the day after the Academy Awards, and it it happens every year people go I watched it gave out a bunch of awards and stuff. The guys. I mean, usually that halftime show is a spectacle. There's pyrotechnics not as it was kind of. You know, what Wendy if there had been there like, why do people have fireworks? I guess I guess when we're never happy. So so Bill when you and I were talking in one of the ways, you know, he's talked earlier caller said, gee, jumped the shark too much. So it got me thinking about we were talking about the two weeks between the conference championships and the Super Bowl. Yes. And so I looked it up and apparently the two week break started with Super Bowl one. But there have been seven games seven times when there was only one week between the two and was the last one Steve I want to say about fifteen years ago ten or fifteen years ago. It was about the last says the last one was two thousand three when the buccaneers played the raiders. Yeah. Because everybody was going. Well, you can't really hype the game in a week. But it's the Super Bowl it it. It comes pre hyped. You know, exactly I mean, you don't need to send out flyers. You don't need to put up banners saying he'll be the Super Bowl people know that blimp would have time to get there. They still played. I know there's no question about it. So what do they do? Steve. Is there anything that? You can think of. I mean, it's so funny that during the game now, I look at I don't look at Twitter and stuff like that. But my wife kept reading me tweets from people. But every aspect of the game, everyone has a voice now. So we all think we need to use it about everything. Yeah. I would turn off the Twitter machine. Yeah. Close the internet. They should just close. Down for a couple of weeks happens on radio to the next day. And it's just so tiring gap has a question for us. Why does everybody feel they have to be a critic just sit back enjoy the entertainment for what it was. You know, everybody was criticizing him. Or I heard you and whatever else is they're criticizing the fact that he took his shirt off. If he didn't take a shirt off. They would've said he always picks up. Why didn't you take your shirt off dizzy hiding something? You know? I mean, come on give the guy a break. He did the best. He could. I like, I I, you know, he also he had a kind of do things a little differently because he was with that other group that hip hop thing, which I don't like or whatever they are clippers. I I know what what the whoever. So you kind of had to adapt with that guy. I mean, you know, it just all it is is a little entertainment. It'd be tween to have the football bad. Kanthi? You're absolutely right. And if you don't like it, you can go put the Weiner wraps and like I did. That was the best part of my day. Can I read you a quick tweet there? I have pages and pages and pages of negative tweets about maroon five performance, but this is my favorite one because I don't understand it. Adam LeVine, looks like human Hollister Cologne. What does that mean? It's funny. But I have no idea what it means Santa person. Hollister Cologne is a brand of Cologne. But are they just saying? Stale is that what they're saying? I Don I have no idea what it means. But look at all these pages and pages of people who ripped him to shreds immediately. He just he came out on stage people enough of this house. There is also Cal in southern California. And all that. So that's what. All right. Let's do that. We'll take a break. We'll get you some news. And then Dennis Ryan will be by. And we will analyze the Super Bowl commercials. Did they work were there any standouts? We'll find out next. It's one WGN Chicago.

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