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Season one it's all about providence rhode island it's got wise guys it's got heist since stings it's got a crime family and a mayor drained for more than twenty years and it for years in federal prison can't forget that nope and the best part about it it's all out right now if you could just go binge the whole thing yeah vengeance now on apple podcast wherever you get your podcast like this mark you should come by and hang out more often i miss you that was kinda nice it was nice in my opinion sir him i don't think you haven't chains i really don't the jury listening will be negative positive to you if you don't remember dr seymour pollock is sitting with sirhan sirhan in his jail cell he's been hired by the la da's office to evaluate sirhan sanity sirhan it said he didn't remember shooting kennedy in dr pollock wanted to find out how much about that day he did reminder now i don't want to make anything but i do know the more clear this whole thing is the better as you have but i unexplainable such as what did you make you itemize the points that are explainable my whole going to the range that day was unexplainable sirhan tells dr pollock that june fourth nineteen sixty eight he signed into a gun range around eleven am he was seen shooting there until the range closed around five then he headed to bob's big boy rehab burger and a coffee he then tells dr pollock that he drifted downtown looking for something to do and heard about a big party happening on wilshire boulevard are now you're walking down those little menu to the investment okay sirhan arrived at the ambassador hotel around eight pm are you drinking that time that's what you bought hunt says he had a few cocktails and wandered around the hotel he tried to talk to a hostess but she blew him off so he decided to drive home back to you kind of remember getting to my car i'm over getting to mind you remember getting into your that will go home go home okay home i was drunk duck i couldn't get myself to drive that car sirhan tells dr pollock that to sober up he went to look for coffee we wanted to get caught eric lee you in picked up the gun while back from car to the hotel obviously he wasn't killed we're hearing out is number.

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