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Media's been recently broadcasting we're gonna break it down for you along with this week's spotlight segment it's gonna be an all team weekend we have financial adviser my brother Bob son Chris Payne on the show is going to break down a real retirement plan for you so let's hop to it want to go through today so far everybody likes things to be easy so I thought we could put together a handy shortlist of easy ways you can ruin your retirement if you're not careful for example you're treating retirement as a destination as opposed to return your blame somebody write that you know in the rat race the whole life working in a high all my goodness can't wait to get to retirement the rat race is over well you know it's not a race right it's a journey and it's not the end it's beginning it's like the old harassment song right life's a journey not a destination and that doesn't and it retirement and I think it's more important never right now because let's be real right retirement now can last twenty thirty years that's a long long time and there's so many more things you have to account for and see your parents did back in the day when it was like you retired at sixty five you have social security or pension and your sat well you know it's a life is so much better now and like always I drive you crazy people say I miss the good old days the good Ole days weren't so great you don't have you know the technology and all the opportunities and if you look at you know what forty five forty six almost forty seven years now doing this right my clients are retired now are way more active than my clients are retired twenty thirty years ago yeah I mean if you look at a good majority of our clients are baby boomers and we really seen it through the whole journey right from in most cases like they're fighting my own my own career for their forties to now their sixties and seventies and you're right it's almost like they don't miss a beat you know right now you are just as active you have just as many things on your calendar as you did when you were working which means that you need more money how to do all those things and you need more planning than you would have needed now say like twenty thirty years ago you're retiring yeah that's absolutely case try planning is the key you just can't hope it all works out I mean when you're working you work hard you know a lot of work for a bonus or I'll put a couple of showers and well you know you don't have that opportunity retirement nor do you want it I mean you know what point you're likely to start doing yourself yeah exactly I think about one of our clients who has been applied for many many years it literally every summer they get in the camper and.

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