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Why bill barr has been activated into action is because of programs like ours. You understand that politicians play out the script that we give them. You have to understand that. The people in charge do as they are told. They need clear instructions so we keep the drumbeat going here every single night. That is the pressure the public pressure campaign that they need one hundred percent to do what the right thing so by for example every single one of you right now that are watching in your like can we possibly get a revote. Yes we can happen last year earlier com north carolina orders new. Us us election after tainted vote. Every single person should be publicizing. That democrats were calling for a revote. They didn't like the election results. We are calling for a revote because of the same thing that they wanted the revote for for election. Fraud you criminal indictments isn't just election frog. This is like these are. They had deep concerns about the election right and they did a revoke straight a fraud. And they're like no no no no no no need to revoke literally video footage of people ripping up and our our guy was registering people. And they're like oh gotta revote. It's the district that we have to win. It's unbelievable okay. you guys. I'm reading through more of this giant stack of voter fraud. Which is quite fascinating. Maybe we should email everyone a copy of this because it really is a good coming here. We go utterly all absentee ballots. Absentee ballots absentee ballots. Sending in absentee ballots for illegal aliens. Mailing absentee ballot to another state that you're not registered anymore because you left which is certainly a concern in the state of nevada that we've been hearing a lot about lately casting absentee ballot after already casting an in person ballot because it's open after election day like we were just talking about a minute ago. I mean i could literally come up with tens of thousands examples of for you guys right now in twenty twenty In years past in previous elections. This is un believable to me that we have people who've been prosecuted for this before it's been a concern before and yet everyone is saying there's no substantial evidence of widespread voter fraud. Absentee ballots are completely safe to use. There's no concern for mail in voting whatsoever..

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