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No, I gotta educate people with what they should know they basic rights, how to protect themselves because without knowing they're vulnerable, well, it's probably very small solace. One of about to say uh thirteen years. I mean and you know, you're twenties and thirties. But maybe you could look at it as a very long time in law school about it. And I gotta do even longer in law school. Yeah. Now, your masters. I'm trying to I'm trying to right now. I'm working on a program. That's entertaining. But it's also educational see when you look at Sesame Street, Sesame Street was entertaining. But it also educated the youth. I'm working on a program that's entertaining ended also will educate you in the field law. And I wanna put that in certain schools in so people will not law because, as citizens if you live in this country, if you walk this land, and you don't know, the privilege, your rights are the privilege, you have as a citizen, if you don't know, your rights than when you walk this land, all you're doing is living under fear. And that's not how should be I sound. I'd be remiss if I didn't ask as you will know, divan English is family. The victim's family still thinks you are guilty. They were able to hang their sorrow on you. Now. Where do they put it? Do you have some simp-? Pathy for them. Because in fact, they were glad I was talking to somebody today. Another friend of mine, and we were talking about that issue how they were denied Justice is getting lost a person died in this. I know people praise me utilit- you did it you learn the law, but somebody died in his manner. Somebody Nineteen-year-old losses life. He could have been married. He coulda did anything. He could have went to school. We could have had kids. He could have been a productive member. He could have been just as relevant, as anyone of us around here, but he was denied and a family. They have an absolute right to be upset. They had somebody tell them for thirteen years that I did a crime. But they also have to review the evidence. They were only called the hearings that the prosecution wanted them to see when it was relevant for a jury sympathy. The prosecution called them to the courtroom when I was going through my pill phases. And it came out the. The prosecution withheld evidence and it came out that I had ineffective counsel that the family was not notified. So the family didn't see the progress in case if they was eat a whole trial. It will understand that I'm not the person guilty is crime description at shoot. It was five nine hundred sixty five pounds at the time on my arrest. I was five six hundred twenty five pounds. So when they're looking at it, they're not looking at it from the evidence. They're looking at it from the people that they supposed to trust. The prosecution is supposed to represent the state as supposed to represent the people. So when you have somebody suppose represent people telling you that this person did it to your trust is in them, 'cause you are looking at them to seek Justice, so they, they have a right to be angry. But the anger shitting fall on me. As a matter of fact, I was talking this morning, and I said, we should do something for Devon who should base the foundation for Devon. Let us know when you do a sound Bennett, the Philadelphia man who acted as own internally, and just acquitted himself of murder after thirteen years in jail us on thanks very much. Thank you, to what we've heard from many listeners, asking, how can Hassan story be? Let's just touch base with Emily Basilan journalist, and Yale lecturer, and will link you to our conversation about her new book charged at here now dot org. And so Emily accord appointed. Attorney doesn't submit evidence like phone records a homicide detective courses witnesses..

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