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Of magical cave fairyland or something but way more terrifying and and sinister and then you know. You can also see heartbreaking accounts of people burning. Whatever was flammable in their house like furniture and so on to keep Their kids warm People sleeping in cars or charging their phones off their car battery trying to find where water is in any emergency situation by the way Once you have found some modicum of physical safety nor vary next thing no matter what. Your very next thing is to figure out where you're going to find potable water the you can. You would be surprised how long people can survive without eating and without having permanent damage to their system from doing so but dehydration will rock your and you can die with in four days and this. Your mileage may vary. There are people of of course. We've all seen survival stories of people who managed to stay alive but they didn't thrive past that point and you are very much on a ticking clock the moment you realize you can't find water. Please take it seriously even if you think you know even if you think i'm camping somewhere and there's clearly marked trail and i can walk half a mile to the parking lot. Just take some water with you. You know what i mean. And we'll last thing to add here. My uncle lives in a very nice area and on our previous episode. We'll be talking about this situation. It was mentioned at least rumors that power was being sent to very wealthy communities before it was going to be sent to anywhere else or like diverted. Well we're there was an inequality in in power distribution depending on essentially zip code or a neighborhood or something like that. I can't speak to all of those. But i can tell you been my family's house it is lovely isn't a ridiculously nice area. And they still lost power justice frequently as everybody else share. And i don't know exactly where senator ted cruz lives. But his house apparently got cold enough that they decided to piss off to What is it came coon. Yeah and we'll We'll look into that a little bit later in the episode to before we move on. I wanna thank Miles be nathan g jacob d and a number of other people who reached out to us to give us their experience a during this massive catastrophe jacob Especially noted noted something that one of by relatives in austin noted which is that people's odds of having power did seem to be better if they were if they were around something like emergency responder building or a hospital something like that jacob. You also noted that the story from urquhot kept changing as as wind power would be restored how rolling blackouts would work. Excetera of the said encore was giving updates like oh power is going to be on fifteen minutes. Your powers on not power was not on right. And there's there's kind of a fog of war with this to you. Know are so many moving parts. but here's what. When the power outages began natural gas plants utility scale wind turbines coal and nuclear plants. All of those started detroit meaning. They fell off the grid because they didn't have the investments necessary to keep them online during sustained low temperatures. They just couldn't function this way. Even if there wasn't a surge in demand for power like that's an important note even if it had just been the storm and dare had not been an increase in demand for energy. A lot of these facilities still would have failed just because they could handle it. That's why urquhot that's their logic for ordering utilities to institute rolling blackouts Which are probably familiar to enron fans in california if there are any ron fans left after after their massive debacle. And this is a big note that been mentioned here. I just want to make sure we're not going to go over too quickly. These were all sorts of different types of energy generating plants if no matter what you're reading online or what anybody is saying this is it is affecting all parts of not just the green sector. It's not just coal or natural gas or whatever it's everything across the board was being affected so the logic here is theoretically sound urquhot says look we have to. We have to kind of cut off arm to save the body temporarily right. We're going to strategically reduced temporary demand through a somewhat arcane process that is very vulnerable to corruption. Or maybe some phone calls from powerful people asking little favors anyway. They said by reducing demand at certain times in certain areas that would be able to prevent the entire circus tent of texas electricity from collapsing. And that's a rock and a hard place. Honestly if the entire grid failed then texans would have been without power for weeks even months and it could have affected All the other pieces of infrastructure right including water treatment. But that's a hard thing to square when you are in the midst of a ruling outage that was supposed to last for like a couple of hours and it lasted days at a time that happened to millions of people. We're gonna pause for a word from our sponsor and then we're going to dive into the unpleasant story of people who did keep their power for at least part of the time doesn't in the way you suspect pay i'm gabrielle collins period drama nerd and you're behind the scenes guy richardson on brigitta the official podcast. We're learning how this fantasy world dipped in history. Came to life daphne. Her costume design really is about the elegance of simplicity. It's just color and shape. We went old school and we got to see me cardis and who painted the backings floors by hand. These dukes are all like in their late twenties early thirties. Almost all of them are unmarried. Really good looking at none of them have syphilis time you management. He looks into your eyes and then he this you. We just had ripping sounds yep. I think mrs been a wardrobe malfunction. Listen to brigitta bridgeton the official podcast on the iheartradio app apple podcasts or anywhere you get your favorite shows. This is kiki michael key and welcome to drafted the upcoming season of our podcast. We follow to college. Basketball phoenix the explosive anthony edwards who start at the university of georgia details and the university of kentucky's tyrus maxi arguably the most energetic hardest working player in the draft is draft drafted. Tonight we are moving couches. This is their real life as it unfolds in real time and we're going even further behind the scenes with unprecedented access to their agents. Klutch sports group founder and ceo. Paul dragged. what's going on what you hear. 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