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Supporters include valley health system and their breast imaging center providing cancer prevention and detection services including routine mammograms everything medicine can do a few things medicine can't more at valley health dot com slash mammogram Thanksgiving travelers are back in the skies Marketplace morning report is supported by clavio helping brands build genuine customer relationships through personalized email and SMS campaigns at KLA vio dot com slash marketplace and by orca security's podcast cloud security reinvented Guest joined Andy Alice to explore how the cloud fundamentally altered security Cloud security reinvented by orca security From marketplace I'm some revenge or in for David Braun cacio Happy Thanksgiving everybody looks like we are traveling for this holiday almost like we used to The TSA says it expects to screen about 20 million air passengers around the Thanksgiving period That's the most since 2019 When 26 million Americans float here in New York the Macy's day Macy's Thanksgiving Day parades back in full force today That is as that department store reconsiders some of the store closures it had planned in the next couple of years It's also increased benefits for employees earlier this month Macy's announced it would cover a 100% of tuition for employees who want more education And it's not just Macy's doing this chipotle Walmart and Amazon have all launched similar programs to attract and retain those hard to find workers One question of course is do these programs at work Here's marketplaces Matt levitt Starbucks launched its free tuition program back in 2014 Baristas can get a.

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