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It's Thursday, November, the 12th. Cults and the Titans get together on Thursday night Football. That should be a decent matchup. Eventually, baseball's going to name its science award winners today. They did. Actually. Yesterday, they named the Cy Young Award winners and in the National League. It was Trevor Bauer of the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians ace. Shame Bieber wanted in the American League and yesterday's the deadline. By the way, as if players going to accept. You know, the team qualifying, offers Mets right hander Marcus Stroman. He's no dope. He accepted the New York Mets one year $18.9 million qualifying offer after not pitching one ending this year. And then three who turned it down. J. T. Real Muto, catcher for the Phillies outfielder George Springer of Houston and second basement DJ LeMay you of the New York Yankees. They all rejected the qualifying offer who rejects an $18.9 million offer. I guess they're pretty optimistic that it's going to be a regular baseball season next year. But Wow, I don't know if a lot of major League baseball owners are gonna be opening up their conference big time, you know, they took a major hit and revenues because of the shortness season and the fact that fans can't go into the stance. Not 6 27. I didn't know this day existed World pneumonia days today, and this year's observation takes on a much more urgent tone because of the covert 19 pandemic. Here's Fox is Tony J. Powers. Each November. 12th world pneumonia Day raises awareness about the toll of pneumonia and how to prevent and treat it. Last year, pneumonia was the single biggest infectious killer of adults and kids responsible for 2.5 million deaths. Now, as covert 19 cases keep rising worldwide. Health experts are concerned the virus could increase pneumonia deaths by more than 75%. This year. The initiative stop pneumonia is spearheaded by the International.

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