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On the app on Saturday and clear nineteen minutes from Montrose to lake cook. Inbound is forty minutes, the Kennedy twenty two Montrose thirteen in the express and thirty seven to the airport. Inbound Fifty-seven from O'Hare, it's twenty-seven off the Edens junction. The Eisenhower out to Mannheim, thirty five minutes forty eight to route three ninety inbound an hour from route three ninety it's forty two minutes. In for Mannheim. The Stevenson a forty-seven minute trip to the tri-state. It's an hour or two to three fifty five and thirty seven in fifty five southbound brake lights three fifty five most of the way to route fifty three the outbound Dan Ryan is thirty four minutes to ninety fifth. Thirty two coming in the outbound side of fifty seven at twenty from the Dan Ryan L to eighty south of eighty fifty seven northbound jammed up for Manhattan Mony road to stunk. Oh, that's a crash in the left lane. The outbound Bishop Ford in twenty minutes lakeshore drive northbound heavy off the Stevenson's Chicago avenue, southbound a backup from four tenths Chicago and another one from Hyde Park boulevard over fifty seventh. Now the tollways Chris harbor Mel spothero. Ninety across events bridge at grand north avenue to forty seven fifty five of the eighty second three toll plaza eighty over to the Lincoln oasis northbound Roosevelt pass north ramp. And events bread starving park as reward for getting to the end of the week. We've got some bright sun. Now, it's in your face westbound ninety backing down. So the former displaying away since Michener Roselle eastbound past the tri-state to the Kennedy Eighty-eight, west York, demise, fifty three the Washington the past fifty nine eastbound on the ramp to southbound tristate and into the fifty three and three fifty five south heavy Higgins, the three ninety army trail the Saint Charles Butterfield, the sixty third northbound at the two ninety off the Kirchhoff in lake cook Chris harbor Mel spothero mobile seven eight northwest, Indiana, sixty five is pretty heavy traveling northbound as you make your way out of that eighty ninety four ramp going westbound traffic sponsored by Amco transmissions and total car care. It's pothole season. All that jarring can damage struts ball joints. And axles Amco transmissions until the car care offers free steering answer spending. Check the catch early problems it potholes. Have you rattled search double A M C O ankle for the location.

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