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Global use and Leon Harris and Leon you start with the picture in Europe yes good morning mountain the European centre for disease prevention and control is warning Europe not to rush into lifting restrictions that are helping slow the spread of coronavirus Spain's virus death toll in you cases increased by the most in four days yesterday Bloomberg's Jennette Newman has the latest seven hundred and fifty seven people died in Spain in the last twenty four hours the increase to the death toll on Wednesday to fourteen thousand five hundred and fifty five people Spain still high death rate will be at the forefront of lawmakers minds on Thursday parliament is expected to approve the government's proposal to extend the state of emergency until at least the end of April in Madrid Jennette Newman Bloomberg daybreak Europe now Israelis new virus cases also increased to their highest levels in three days yesterday complicating the government's plans to start easing the nation wide lockdown Bloomberg's Alex Sandro specialities reports prime minister Decepticon to is preparing to ease the stringent virus containment measures some companies I shop could cost me reopen as soon as early next week current measures are scheduled to run until after Easter in Rome I sent a special on Bloomberg daybreak Europe let's go to Southeast Asia for weeks Indonesian officials assisted insisted the country had Dodge the coronavirus saying there were no new cases but as Bloomberg's Coliseum explains they are now dealing with the soaring death toll which at two hundred and forty is the highest in Southeast Asia it could be about to get a whole lot worse with some two and a half million people set to exit the capital Jakarta ban for the hunting villages across the archipelago many millions more across the country will head home to their villages during a pilgrimage that marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan that already has experts warning of a perfect storm I came to the early stages of the outbreak in China that coincide with lunar new year travel in Jakarta call the Selma Bloomberg daybreak Europe and economic hit from corona virus threatens to put more than half a billion people in poverty that's according to a report from the charity group Oxfam analysis by researchers at king's college London on the Australian National University said countries need to take action to cushion the economic blow global news twenty four hours a day on adequate take piping bag powers by more than twenty seven hundred journalists some analysts more than one hundred and twenty countries I'm Liane gallons this is playing bug Caroline thank you so much anger and serve with the global picture all crying of ours we're going to continue the conversation about the crowd of us here in the U. K. the prime minister situation of course the question is at twelve noon UK time today I'm going to be speaking to the labor MP Steve McCabe and also looking at the economic impact of the pandemic with the manufacturing organization make U. K. so that is at twelve noon then of course I've got five PM we have more coverage with guy Johnson and John Farrow on the cable tune into the two and still ahead on Bloomberg daybreak Europe we're gonna be looking at oil because oil's been climbing.

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