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Whose name is redacted it was an escape like i said it's horrid stuff read it if you want of the good thing is that investigators eventually identified seventy four suspects in charged seven people five of whom were convicted of crimes that were that occurred that residential school that specific school wow that's one of many or at least one story among many at this time so read the article or go to t r c dot ca and you can learn more about this if you wish and thank you so much for writing in kevin this is a crucially important issue all too often despite the work of millions of good people across the planet all too often these sorts of things don't end up with the perpetrators facing the consequences of their crimes so our thoughts are with you survivors of these incidents and please feel free to write into us if you have more to add to the story of course okay i guess i'll take a spin at the old listener mail wheel with one from l who hails from a tiny village in the uk and this is about our ghost lights episode l says i was recently listening to your episode on the ghost orbs and immediately pete my interest i've always been fascinated by this stuff and i actually have two stories to tell the first is short and sweet i was at hampton court palace when i was about ten years old watching a concert with my friend and her family i was super board and i was looking around the courtyard we were in it was about nine in the evening so dark and when i looked up at a two story window above me i saw a bright electric blue light floating slowly past the window that images stayed with me ever since the second story is the one that still haunts me today and refers to psychic visions vibrations premonitions and things like that she goes on when i was a child i used to have the recurring nightmare every time i went to my grandma papa's house it wouldn't always.

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