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Important issues that if this were just the west versus the Soviet Union 50 years ago, we would be really critical and be really pushing hard and making life difficult for the Chinese over these tremendously important issues. But as it is, we're so keen for president Xi to sign some bit of paper pledging to some improvement in his commitment to reducing fossil fuels that were tiptoeing around the issue. And frankly, it's beginning to look like appeasement to me. And I, you know, I just don't think it's the right approach. What you mentioned, the origins of the COVID outbreak. And as you well know, our government in Australia Matt Cole for an internationally inquiry into the origins of the COVID outbreak, as a result, Beijing has slept Australia with trade sanctions. So we're all well aware of the dangers of being too dependent on China trade, but is there now a danger that not just Australia, but the west generally could become dependent on the Chinese for wind and solar technology. Well, you're absolutely right that it was Australia's call for an independent inquiry into the origins of the virus, was an extremely reasonable non blaming request. It was extraordinary and shocking how that was received with direct transactions against large chunks of the Australian economy. As for the point about dependence on wind and solar, yes, we now, for example, there's a lot of offshore wind being built in the North Sea and there was a promise of 30,000 jobs coming to eastern Scotland to help with that in the old yards that used to do the oil rigs for the North Sea, in fact about a thousand jobs that have been made there. It's a desert if you go there. And the reason is because all this technology is being built in China. They've seen an opportunity in desperation for wind and solar technologies..

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