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Book for over 25 years. Greg, we got to talk about this, Houston, Texans game. It was awful in the first half. It was better in the second half. I want to start with three things that you feel better or at least good about. Yeah, so let's just start with the passing offense in general, Nick. I did I did feel well actually, let's make number one just the offense in general because I think that I think that they're performance has been sort of undersold. I think that I think that they were efficient. It wasn't perfect and we know this. And we know the deal with the offensive line going in and we'll get to those guys. But I mean, you're talking about an offense, and they are going against Texans, I understand. And I don't just look at, you know, who they're playing and in the bottom line production. I look at other things like, you know, basically, are they executing? Are they executing better? Because when things don't work in football, it's because the players are not executing. People love to talk about play calling in this and that. But they're just really, are they blocking the guy in front of them? Are they running the right route? Are they catching the ball? Is the quarterback making the right decision? So look, the Patriots, you know, get the ball after the defense can never get off the field and for first quarter. They go ten plays for touchdown. The next drive, they go 8 plays and Damian Harris fumbles on, look, I thought it was a crappy call. I mean, I don't know, even on the all 22, it's not clear where he fumbles. To me, he I don't know how you overrule the call in the field, but I'm not really, I'm not one to complain about officiating calls. Before halftime, they do go 9 plays 42 yards getting position for a field goal. Jacoby Myers drops that pass. Yeah. That there was one there was one defender there. I doubt that he scores, but I do think he gets inside, say the 15 yard line at least. And now you're talking about maybe they have a chance. There's plenty of time on. So I think there was like about 50 seconds left when that pass happened. So now you're talking about an opportunity.

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