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Now speaking to Westmont in just a moment before we do that I want to go over very quickly the doctor felt see this little moment that happened he was testifying on the hill and was it someone from the G. O. P. ask a question I had played a few weeks ago a flashback of faculty I believe back in March or February I can't remember when because March thirty was March thirteenth well that's when we pull okay that's what it came from basically saying master silly in this kind of situation and he was asked yesterday whether he feels bad about that and you know the whole thing I I think that beloved South Sea and the GOP they're the bad guys on this because they want to open up and they care about the economy was just horrible only a cruel person would want a thriving economy we all know that but I will tell you we have the two clips here felt she does not do a good job answering this question he doesn't really answer the question he just gets us self righteous about it so go ahead and hit the GOP of the was in the center of the house that he was speaking I believe is and I guess it's from the GOP so go ahead and do you now regret not advising people more forcefully to wear masks earlier okay we're gonna play that K. let me explain to you what happened back then should be a yes or no no there's more than a yes and no by the tone of your question I don't regret that because let me explain to you what happened at that time there was a paucity of equipment that our health care provider is needed who put themselves daily in harm's way of taking care of people who are ill we did not want to divert masts and P. P. away from them to be used by the people okay so that makes a lot of sense except that if you go back to early March when he was asked about mask that is not the reason that he gives he sort of scoffs at the idea that mask will help in the situation and I don't believe now we have a clip and I don't remember the whole thing but the clip that I have and what he's talking about mask he does not mention healthcare workers he basically says it's a silly idea go ahead right now in the United States people should not be walking around with masks you're sure of it because people are listening really closely to the right now people should not be what does no reason to be walking around with a mask when you're in the middle of an outbreak wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block of a drop list but it's not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is an orphan there are unintended consequences people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face so that to me that is the that is that he did not answer the question because you go back to March he's basically saying it's not a good idea and it doesn't help all that much I think that he believed more in social distancing and I don't know why this ballot you can't just go yeah I got it wrong he's in a way he's a he's a maybe a little more refined to people but he's kind of trump ask in that he can be all over the place yeah he's a little beautiful statement I gave it was perfect statement I gave about this was absolutely perfect they say it's not but it is that was then and now we're not gonna play that game I right now yes then no but it was perfect that's all okay we're gonna play that game thank you Dr Donald Sauchie that leads me into this so let's do this.

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