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Of the twenty twenty election every twenty minutes on AM seven sixty talk and breaking news breakthrough partnership is changing lives right here in San Diego Scripps MD Anderson cancer center an integrated team of cancer specialists works together to create personalized treatment plans are patient centric approach offers some of the most advanced cancer care in the nation and we're ready to care for you MD Anderson cancer center making cancer history right here in San Diego to become a patient call one eight hundred scripts thank you for your donations to war your foundation freedom station thanks to your support warrior foundation freedom station reunited over one hundred injured warriors with their families last year and continues to provide vital services to recovering warriors right here in San Diego you can show your support by donating your unwanted vehicle running or not to war your foundation freedom station it's free and tax deductible please call eight five five four five zero give eight five five four five zero give or visit warrior foundation dot org that's warrior foundation dot org thank you Wesley is a truck driver I love what I do a truck driver with IRS troubles than forty three thousand dollars got really bad quite a few letters in the mail they were talking about Lee Jordan coming up my house my car yeah they they don't play around back but I was gonna lose everything one sleepless night Wesley finally made a call to optimal tax relief at two AM Jane but I actually got to talk to an actual person in the middle of the night the sun just what he was looking for a great team of people that know what they're doing actually know what they're doing to my tax relief came through with flying colors that incredible I have been going to come close I would absolutely overjoyed teak Wesley's advice any kind.

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