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You gotta You gotta make what 40 to get that 23 to give it back to me. Oh, better knock off Jake from state farm and certain You better hope you had a big transected the Derby time again the math on that. I mean, you just laid it out there. You gotta make $40 million to pay people. You don't like 20 Million and change. Oh, fine. Play quarterback. Yes, I'm coming back up through it through their eyes. They don't like you who covers the pack. Dammit! Rob Tomasky, who? Supposedly He's got a real tight relationship. Put it at less than 5% chance that he put that Rodgers plays for the team this year. Less than 5%. And so what does he think that in game is was you think y'all come in, then he retires. We're just trying, But I will say this I Rogers is weird and everything, but I blame the Packers. Um, you know, first of all last year against Rogers came out and said that Jake Kumerow was a lock to make the team and they cut him the next day. All right, you know, and you've got a PR staff. That's like nine deep and they got like Roger's wouldn't have any quote so they wouldn't see. So it's some plausible that they didn't know that. He said that the day before so communication breakdown number one Most important guy in your building player. Wise makes a statement and you're gonna make a move The next day that flies right in the face of his statement. You may want a least pull me aside and just tell him why you're gonna cut him And the same thing with Jordan Love in the draft. You know he's sitting there going, I'm gonna get a wide receiver. They're gonna help me wanna win the Super Bowl and then all wait a second. They're not helping me win a Super Bowl. They're setting it up for when I'm done in there. And what no communication that that was the plan. I mean, that's their right, and it's in and maybe even their obligation, but they gotta communicate. Give life's about communicating, especially with People that mean an extraordinary amount to your bottom line, and he's one of them. Solution. Yeah, I mean, look, eh? Yeah. Look, if everything's being equal, Yeah, you probably should. You know what they can do? They're not They communicated to him. They communicated $140 million to him that that's how much he means to them. That's what they communicated to him. Somebody paid you $140 million. Then they're telling you, you're our guy. And we think you are the guy in the NFL. Now, if you feel like you're owed a plan Maybe you shouldn't have signed that deal to begin with. Maybe you shouldn't have signed that extension to begin with. Maybe you should have said, you know what? Maybe it's better off. I go someplace else. And play. You had that chance. But now you've already signed the contract. You're give reaping the benefits of getting the checks. And now what? You've got to have control of the team, the A gay guy. I gotta know what's going on. I mean, look, they're doing what's best for the team, not what's best for Aaron Rodgers. And maybe that's where Aaron Rodgers is upset. Is he sees a guy like Tom Brady down Tampa. They get Tom. It's like, Hey, let's get Brown. Let's get wrong. Let's get this guy. Let's get that guy. Let's just go. Let's go all in for a couple years and see what the hell happens Post. Maybe that's what he was like. Yeah, maybe that's what he feels like. Should be done in Green Bay. Like screw the future. I don't care about the future. I'm not going to be here. Let's do its best for the Packers. While I could help you guys win a championship, and I guess that's understandable from his standpoint, but they're thinking about it as We got to make sure this thing is rolling after Aaron Rodgers is here, and that's why we're going to get this quarterback because we think this could be a guy much like when they drafted Aaron Rodgers and burnt far was there pure bred, farmed and think to kind of them dropped in Aaron Rodgers. But it's worked out pretty good for the Packers in that Aaron Rodgers won m V P won a Super Bowl. I don't know if Jordan love can be that guy. I have no idea, but they got a look at the long term implications of everything they do So obviously, Aaron Rodgers has started to see the end. Of the road, you know, maybe 45 more years. He wants to maximize that as much as possible. He wants a chance to win a championship there in Green Bay, and he feels like they should give him every available option. Win that championship and they haven't A B B. B. Frank. They have not done a great job of that. If I'm a Packer fan, I'm not real thrilled with how they've run the organization because I'm with Aaron, and that Would do a better job of putting things around him to help them win a championship. But they don't always to you what they owe you was those big ass checks every couple weeks that I'm sure are bouncing. So from that standpoint, look, either you play there or you don't play there. You retire and give $23 million back or here's an idea. Maybe don't sign the extension to begin with. Don't go someplace else Did you see the Bears go after him a little bit this weekend, Ryan Pace puts out Yes. We talked to Andy Dalton before we made the selection of Justin not lay. Listen, wait a minute. The bears. They don't need to get involved in this in no way, shape or form. Okay, give the Bears finally did something reasonably smart and competent by getting Justin field. And now all of a sudden you feel like you want to get in and get these jokes off you just you're still the Chicago Bears. All right? You are still looking for a quarterback and hope that you get a franchise quarterback for the first time in. Oh, I don't know. Half a dozen generations, Okay, because you still went out and got Andy Dalton. All right, and tweeted out that he was QB number one. So don't nobody want to hear from the Bears trying to be funny. You still stink. Shut, IRS shut up. We talked any don't Yeah. Good. Stop talking. Stop finishing third. That's that's that's like the Texans. Get me and talking about the Niners quarterback situation. Yeah. Would you guys would have been stupid to take Matt Jones? I don't want to hear from you. You dumb You're the Texans. The same thing with the Bears. You're not funny, All right? It is funny. It's not funny because it's coming from the Bears. You're the wrong messenger. Give that job to somebody else. It's funny their hands Hey, let Tampa Bay's you know, social media staff get that joke off. Not you, Not you seriously, bears something, And by the way, any time of general managers like on the doorstep to being fired, he trades next year's number one That's always a bad look..

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