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The law enforcement on this case this is nineteen days incredible police work over five hundred people the trump administration the secretary of homeland security did everything that we asked five hundred atf fbi were here other bomb experts are state police are texas rangers and the incredible work of the austin police department you know law anytime you approach any crime scene if you're law enforcement it's dangerous but when you're approaching someone who's a bomber most dangerous situation because they can throw a pipe bomb at you there could be booby trap and these officers approach that car to take him down they put their lives in danger and fortunately none were hurt and none were killed and i don't want us to forget again for the people in the austin area to be vigilant even people who might get a suspicious package in the mail we do not know all of his whereabouts over the last twenty four hours so he could have put other bob's other places and that's what they're working on now we have a lot of listeners across texas including in austin so lieutenant governor patrick's words should be taken very seriously there's another comment made by austin police chief brian manly about how they've found this let's let's go back to the let's go back to the the police work that was done and james we want the other soundbite not that actually listen to this and there are two great soundbites let's listen to this one we had surveillance teams looking for this suspect and we ultimately located the vehicle that this suspect was known to be driving and witnesses told us he was driving as members of the austin police department swat team approached the vehicle the suspect detonated a bomb inside the vehicle knocking one of our swat officers back and one of our swat officers fired at the suspect as well yeah well what they said is he's twenty four years old is a white male they're not revealing his exact place of residency but apparently the security video at the fedex store in sunset valley was critical and then they also got the.

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