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By Leesburg, and brought you by local Ford dealers sprint, the US army, advent, health and news ninety six point five WDBO. This message is for all of us sitting in the passenger seat and apologies. If it gets a little uncomfortable. But how does it feel to be at the mercy of someone who thinks a random text is more important than your life? Someone who takes their eyes off the road while speeding along in a three ton hunk of steel, freaky. Right. Well, why not just ask them to stop or better yet? Volunteer to text for them. It might be a little awkward. But believe me, you'll live. Learn more at stoptextsstopwrecks dot org. Brought to you by the Ad Council and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. This is news ninety six point five WDBO's. And. And the news Jake to Tennessee. Great, gene park. Talking about rain in California. They have had a massive amount of rain. In fact, they are out of drought stage at least this year, their reservoirs in much of the state, very, very high, and there's more snowpack coming down from the high Sierras so that is good news for wine growers in California, Somalia, Dave, we have to wines. We'll get in this segment. Both from California first up the fess, Parker, white recently sent Barbara county. Yes. It's from southern California down there at Santa Barbara. If anybody knows the name fess Parker. He was a movie actor. Right. He did. Davy Crockett back in the late fifties through the sixties. And he took a lot of that money and invested in winery down in California. Here's a seven hundred fourteen acre FOX in canyon ranch. That was. Tablist in eighteen or nineteen Eighty-eight. And that's where this reasoning comes from. All right. Reasoning nice, it's gotta have some white flour flavor. Maybe a little ginger. This citrus. Yeah. Fresh cut grass. When you talk about some Riesling and sauvignon blocks when we do that you're always thinking grass apples and grass, that's just the way the grape tastes and all that maybe a little white peach on this really affordable to you're looking at around twelve dollars. Wow. Citrus notes with rich fruity taste very expensive on the pound. Yeah, good acidity. This is going to be price for, you know, like you do some fruits were as a us. Oh, very nice five star for the price and the tastes, twelve schizo five star selection. No ifs, ands, or buts, very, very pleasant. I can't believe twelve bucks twelve dollars. Very, very nice. You know, the old joke how to become a millionaire start with a billion and by vineyard. Well, they say that in the of the winery makers they come in do seminars, and all that they'll say to make a million. You gotta start off with the a multimillionaire, and then that's right. It is. It's a good way to lose money next up the Jekyll vineyards recently from Monterey. So this'll be a little bit different. Take a cheers tastes a little different. But from the same re region of California, it has a cool climate, which is influenced by the Pacific has some really nice wait to the flavor of it. And you're gonna get peaches lemon little.

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