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Fighter and all around bad ass who plays by her own rules a misfit with a dark past kate has figured out what and WHO's worth fighting for and now that Gotham city brings a new hero. She's finally found where she belongs. Both the here's and the villains in the show will leave you guessing nobody is what they seem. The incompatible ruby rose shines in the role. She was born to play Sunday. Nights are about to the get crazy bat suit crazy. It's time to channel your inner skyscraper Hopping Motorcycle Riding Evil Stopping tattered up redhead because bat woman is coming in for fifteen years. She's been searching for the place she fits and now she's finally found it. Her time is now don't miss the incredible series premiere of Batman Sunday at eight seven central on the CW or stream next day on the free. CW APP we're back with Mike Johnson Mike before I account rudely interrupted you but needed to just for the sake of the PODCAST. You'RE GONNA raise share some stuff. I think our listeners will relate with and want to hear I want to do it. You're you're on your way. The question to ask was hey you had to you. During that there was a child that was lost Austin. You've talked about on the BACHELORETTE and you're GonNa talk about now why thank you economic over I just came from a deployment and I was stationed at Raf over in England and it was the day after the fourth of July two thousand thirteen and I I I went out that night to the club and I felt that this lady and at like thirty minutes talking talking to her she said hey you speak to my daughter but come to find out I had already gotten her daughter's phone number and so yeah fellas get them off the first yep up against for you and the young lady and I we scheduled a date and I no call no show on a date not good for you know and it's funny because I remember writing I wrote a letter to God per se and I said I want the hard road up. I wrote a poem. That's what it was and it was the no one but God why because I was twenty five and I had been acting as if I was a rock star you know from a young child's about twenty years now as I'm just done with that I want the sweet things. He's in life white you know put your head on my chest. In let's just chill out you know you face and you'd ice cream and let's start seven tells so and so after I know caller no children a day you know we started talking or whatever and then I was supposed to go how supposedly the military and go back to America and she's very very prideful and she is extremely independent and I remember putting unlike the money in a four ticket inside of her shoe and she says she wanted to go to America with me. I didn't ask her too because that's like huge to say Hey ben leave your life income living in Texas right and so she came with me we have two separate apartments just because we've only known each other for three months and she moved to America with me and I wanted to Lake Lake Mary this woman so I felt that we need to be living together. Even though I wanNA marry her but I wanted to do what I felt was the right way and so then like there are some call tech school. LS Airman Leadership School I went to that and we moved in together and everything's beautiful blissful. I you got a damn cat cats sacrificing sumo sumo cinnamon toast you end up loving the cat. Oh he the cat sumo his name. He loves me more than her desk. I wish you can call in right now. Shield so the truth. His name is Simone Cinnamon Toast. Yes he is certain and yes I love him. Oh and we had we became pregnant and on the show are told the truth. I told Hanna that I wasn't there for the miscarriage but people kind of went off on me but I have I. I didn't get to elaborate because quite honestly that's tweet me my but I'll say so my ex and I had a miscarriage and and I ain't going to some excellent had a miscarriage I am I really try to keeping promises so Ashley keeping a promise which Yama keep you peeking Pinky promise that you keep the only pink problems. I've never kept in my entire thirty one years as of life. It's my ex's MOM when senator some Jalapeno poppers from a store I didn't pick them up and I still remember that day. That was like eight years ago almost and my best friend who lives in England he was coming to Houston. We lived in San Antonio at the time and I asked my ex fellows message right here the give it to you. I asked my ex baby. Can I go to Houston Day and she said Yes fellas when your lady say yes. She means no and I didn't know that lesson at the time and so I left I literally was gone for. Maybe maybe thirty hours he came back and I wasn't there for and that's what I mean by that way. I'm doing this show made. It seem like you weren't therefore her like emotionally. No she'll tell you I was there for emotionally like I wasn't there currently physically in that moment we lost. We lost our CIA. I I was therefore when we lost our job but like doing the grieving process which is a very serious thing and I was gone left on Saturday came back on a Sunday now aw yeah Mike I know we're going to have listeners that really it's like this is a hundred from a supporters perspective like a year perspective and then also from a woman care the child. What was the grieving process like if you if you don't mind trying to explain it so that people out there listening to go yet there there with me so my kind of shaking? I think that for one agreement process differ for everyone doesn't matter your the gender. I think it's different for everyone from my ex. I feel that everyone knows I want children. Children like my ultimate goal in life is to build my future children on treehouse more than money more than anything what I WANNA do. That's that's for Damn sure happen and she knew that and she don't WanNa have children but then we got together she said I'll be a great father and so she wanted to have kids and I think that the biggest thing was has her not. She didn't feel like she was a woman. You know because I'm like shaking. The big thing was. She didn't feel like she was good enough for me because she felt as if she's going to have children and I want to tell her and everyone else out there that your man loves you like if you have a miscarriage I love you like it's it's okay right just communicate and my ex really didn't communicate that to me at all but also I was ignorant guy guys we are at the time I wasn't experiencing relationships and so I didn't really know how to communicate with her either. I literally became a perfect gentleman like it's annoying. When you become perfect gentleman it really is knowing and that's what I did because I didn't know what else to do? I mean I'm asking my mom her mom my grandma my sister you know what to do and just in a work but what she told me two and a half years later and that's when I cry I broke up with her after like maybe eleven months after months months after yeah. Let's before you get there. I was GonNa say what are the what was like. Between the time at the miscarriage happened in the end was that was that affected acted. It effected the no one hundred percent so I think I communications obese. I don't let's let's disagree. It's okay right. Let me I remember telling my ex I said let's dilly feeling so my ex. It's not spoken since the show Eric she watched the show and it was a very hard time. When the episode aired I called her knows except at home so y'all know this fish so definitely reach out to her and it was a sad moment for us and basically what she told Emme was? She didn't know how to she. She not talk to me because she felt like she had failed almost and I just looked at it was like everything that you go through. I just wanted to be there with you. I don't care if you went through the toughest in the world. I WANNA be right there with you and I think so many people we know that in a relationship when someone loves you. I don't care what it is. I don't care I remember joking about this. My friends that I found love if you achieve I mean I'm still Levy. I don't fall in love easily so I'm still in love you now. You'll has been not cheat on me but I'm still in love you and so I think that was a a big learning lesson for us for me because I need to know how to make a good environment for you to feel that comfortable right I think for her. It needs to be as she can be open and communicate with me and know that I'm GonNa love her even more because we we went through a traumatic experience together in comparison to going through a traumatic experience separately but the exact same experience in so and that's kind of what happened we live in. We stayed in two separate rooms for awhile I sleep naked only rule in my house you kill me and when sleeve negative not to suffer and so we will we will be sleeping in bay but like we went. I'M GONNA cut a photo. You know we went holy. Howdy Jerry I sound so corny but it's true we wouldn't hold each other? We want to have sex and it wasn't because of religion. It wasn't because of upstanding from from sexy I think she just felt as if could happen again that she could become pregnant again even though she was on birth control and it was just a lot of mental things going on and I've learned so much and I love her so much for help me grow in that area and I actually took classes since I've been single legit WanNa be phenomenal has been and I've taken classes on how to communicate because communication is different than effective communication right I can say been I think you're tall. That's terrible example just communication in different ineffective communication and while I was on the Bachelorette I wasn't there for her going back to that for like thirty hours Max during that grieving period and Shakiness don't happen to me Phil that's happened. I broke up with her because communication communication was void and there'll be months where we didn't have sex and I don't cheat refuse to cheat and I desire communication desired sex quite honestly so you came back doc. Thanks for share that by the way for us here but for the people listening you've just totally opened your heart better. You cry yeah I know is this like so emotional. So the thing is that you get off the show you call her. You guys talk this through and you said you cried wants your life when she said she was sorry. What led your that Nas off? Cry Three towns right. You've quit three times in your whole life this morning. I saw out of way in this morning. Getting weapons opens with my grandma so as an adult you've cried three times. Audio outcry wants wants when Selina died Selena when Selina died.

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