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And can you understand Kings Island, telling its police division not to go hands on with anyone? Yeah, I can see that. But I think what happened in Orange County? I think that was the same way. But let me say this And in closing, you know here. Here's my thing. You gonna have collars? That is going to make it a racial issue they'll bill mentioned a lot of those patrons at King's Island was black. But in the same time in the same sense, they don't mention anything about 100% of whites were on the Capitol and 95% of what went on in Orange County. Were white. And there's you and that disturbs me. You know, uh, I don't know. What is your opinion? It's not color. It's conduct its behavior. My orientation as a college student was brace. Basically, every college campus in this country erupted. And almost every person that did that 90% or more were white and they were against the Vietnam War. They were in favor of this or opposed to that buildings were burned rocks were thrown. Police cars overturned. And when I look in Antifa and what Antifa is doing in Seattle and then Portland, especially in TIFA That is largely white individuals that think they're socialists and Marxists who think they have the right to overturn police cars and vandalized doors. So it isn't about color. It's about conduct because in TIFA almost always there white kids from privilege who think we have to destroy the system. They're Marxist, so it's not ever about in my opinion. And people may disagree about color. It's about the conduct of individuals of every description and I got a text on this Huntington Beach situation. Supposedly, they were mainly this was in Hispanic. Star and she said about half the people were Hispanic. The other half for white kids and there were a few blocks but may the color. What different Ron? If your home is ransacked, do you care of? It's a wider a black person doing it. No, I don't. I don't care. I mean, if I get shot, if it's a black finger or white finger and don't make a difference to me, I deal with the conduct of that person. The conduct and the conduct and King's Island was awful. And it's going to get worse because there's no consequence well when these individuals the majority whom were white trash, downtown Cincinnati and over otr And they were told. Well, don't worry about you're not going to be charged. The next time something happens they're angry about. They're engaged in similar misbehavior because there's not a consequence. So what are you saying is the one be the ones that went toe went to jail? They let go. The majority were white. Yeah. Yeah. I talked to the judges and prosecutors and they told me that those who were sighted I'm not talking about everyone. It was probably 50 50. If you looked at the video, there was a white guy who stuck a skateboard through the window of the Hammond County Justice Center, and that guy still urinates me off, and I don't know who he is. Whenever I see Charmaine McGuffey or Joe Deters. I said this to Joe Saturday. He called me about some I said Joe. What about that kid with his hat on crooked that took a skateboard and put it through the windows of the Justice Center. And he said, We're trying to find him. I said, find him because the idea who in the hell wants to break into jail This kid wanted to break into the Justice Center. Yeah, But why? Why is it that white privilege for those white kids to be let off? Why is that? Not white privilege in your eyes? Well, they let off the black black kid. They let off everybody. I mean, I mean to the mayor said it. And Joe Deters doesn't have jurisdiction over misdemeanors. That's a city matter. And so I don't know. It was equally divided. But there was a chunk of both races and three races involved in that, and they treat everybody the same. And I can't imagine how about this all the college campuses that erupt On going on. There's hardly anyone ever arrested and Seattle with Antifa hardly anyone's ever arrested or charged. I know one thing that the capital 400 people have been arrested. Breaking into the capital. I guess the politicians to take care of their own. But when you burned down courthouses or burn down police stations, not the same law supply is when you simply trust past and vandalized U. S. Capitol. I mean, that wasn't an insurrection in the sense of working, overtake the government. There was no chance the United States government was going to be overturned. What it was was vandalism. What it was was writing. That's what happened on January the sixth and now those individuals are going to be fully prosecuted to the greatest extent of the law up and down the ladder. They're going to get drilled, but other ones black and white to do similar acts of misconduct. Do not have a consequence. I guess it depends who you vandalized. If you go after something like the U. S capitol, you're in deep trouble because the lawmakers will come find you. But these other things, it's getting worse. Ron, do you think is getting better getting worse? In what context riding Uh, all kinds of people acting up, But you know what? I was listening to slowly before you came on, he said this happens and pretty much every decade. Yeah, I mean, it happens. It's been going on since just the beginning of time. People are gonna act out. You know, we've had rights in America for 250 years. America was born with a riot, and the worst part was the beginning. And 65. I say 65 through 79 was awful. And then we went through a little bit of a period other and Rodney King's mother, But things were a little bit placid now starting up again. So when young folks tell me I can't believe what's going on. I said You should have been in Cincinnati in 1967. You see what the hell was going on? I mean, yeah, It was unbelievable. You're an attorney, right? Okay. What happened to Rodney King? Do you think those those cops should have been prosecuted and put under did yes. Well, why do you think that didn't happen? Well, the first time it didn't happen because it was part of the California there that didn't consider that to be a criminal act, But then they were prosecuted again under federal law, and they were convicted. You know, And so I see these things and I'm thinking, my gosh, I'd rather be tried for certain offenses of certain parts of the country and not tried another. But But you can't take one case. There's eight million arrest every year in this country, and there's gonna be a handful of circumstances and get out of whack. So I think Rodney King was an exception rather than the rule. 1991 Yes, but I think today 30 Years later, 30 years later, when the police chiefs or black, the marriage or black and liberal Democrats that stuff I'm sure happens. You know what happened. George Floyd does occur, but it's not systematic is thus systemic. It's because those in charge or liberal Democrats, the head of the police division in Minneapolis, was a black guy. I don't think he agree with what went on fact. After it happened, he said. The guy's getting prosecuted. All right. We got to go, Ron. Thanks for your call. Okay. God banks here from Clifton. Let's continue with more. Thousands on hold. Millions are listening. Treat everybody the same, irrespective of color..

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