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Thanks for being here Appreciate you spending some time Great news, as the governors of both Arizona and Texas put the word out around the country, asking for help. Saying that the border issue is not just for border states but across the nation as well and put the word out there and asking other governors to step up and help. The first one to answer that call was Governor Rhonda Sanchez from the state of Florida and there were small, only very few details of what was going to happen or who would be sent they would be sending. But one of the counties that is sending deputies are sending personnel to Arizona and Texas is my home town of Fort Myers, Florida, Orly County and the sheriff's Department. Where my brother and my sister in law both are employed. Joining us right now is the sheriff of Lee County Sheriff Marcy. No. First of all, Sheriff, um It's very special to me that the home I've been in for 26. A half years is being helped by my hometown where I grew up in love so much So for me personally and from the people in Arizona, thank you for stepping up and answer this call. Hey, Mike first. Thanks for having me on the show. It's great to hear and meet you. Your brother's a rock star. He does a great job is part of my family. And so are you. Well, I appreciate that. You know, we're very proud of him, and you know, I want to get too personal in this interview. But my brother has always been my hero and he's been, you know, first one in our family to graduate from college, and I know he's very proud of the sheriff's office. And, uh, I'm glad I'm glad you recognize his service. Let's talk about the people that you're sending. To to Arizona and Texas. Do you have a number of people is going to be on a volunteer basis. And how long do you think they'll be staying? And when will they leave? Well, I'll tell you first and foremost, it's the right thing to do at that are are great Governor Rhonda Santis and our great attorney general, We work together as a team. And there is no I in team and what we do is when our Texas administration or, you know, R Arizona administration calls upon us. We are going to help because it's the right thing to do so I'm very confident the governor is going to find out the details. He advised. It's going to be about a 16 day, You know assignment. Uh, the assignments are not clear right now. But the call was clear. It was made and absolutely we're stepping up. You know, the one of the things that's been talked about by our governor, quite often say with the governor from Texas is that this is a national issue. As the border crisis continues. We are helping to enrich the cartels because they're charging huge amounts of money and they're enriching themselves. And then they're able to have their crime scene to get to be more powerful. You have to be feeling some of that in Florida as well. What we do and first and foremost, when, when you look at the fentanyl and met being up 230% at the border, you look at 3000% increase in sexual predators. Okay, that's unacceptable. You know, my message is clear. For other people, You know when you go to bed at night. To protect you and your family because safety and security is always number one. In this state. We're going to make sure we have it. And that's that's what we are so happy about here because the call went out for people, and it was great that Florida stepped up. Did they Did the governor put the word out on a volunteer basis to agencies or how was it figured out which counties would be sending people I know there's Florida Department, law enforcement and the highway Patrol, but That individual agencies volunteered to do this. So you know, First of all, and I say, great governor. I don't just say that to say it. He is amazing making the most difficult decisions during the pandemic and continues every single day to prove why our state is great. And why do people 900 plus people? Would they move to our state? It's not just the sunshine because the law and order and safety and you know when our governor calls we talk regularly when he calls and he shows law enforcement support, no matter what he stands with us. He supports us. Attorney general does the same thing. So when they call us can ask. There's no hesitation. It's immediate because it's the right thing to do. People will try to say Oh, it's political. It's not political. When you do what's right. You're doing it because it's right. It's not a political move, and I applaud our governor and support him One million% for doing what's top and making those decisions and we stand with him. So the decisions within your agency of who you will send and how many you will send. Will you be taking volunteers for those positions? Well, you know what? We got to find out how many and what that looks like. We're never going to compromise the safety of our residents Locally. We have plans in place. We're going to communicate with our governor. And once we find out that number, I'll tell you already, people are listening. People have watched it on the news and we have tons and tons and again. I love our veterans. People have served our country tons of people that are veterans. Just say, Hey, Please let me go. Let me go. They all want to go for the better cause and and that's that's a great thing to have. And I know I respect him tremendously when you when you in the capacity of your job, because I know we deal with it here. What I do in my capacity on the air is talk about Policing and the understaffing that we suffer here is that you're not going to allow a staffing issue. But do you have staffing issues in Lee County? So you know when, when I first came into command, we were a little over 120 positions down. I'll tell you now, thankfully, Morales, the highest.

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