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And rights lawyer goes on trial under tight security accused of state subversion. Another migrant child dies after being detained by US border agents. While Donald Trump insists his border wall will be built there's a problem in this world today, human trafficking, and we're not gonna let that take place Japan. Angers conservationist by confirming its to resume commercial whale hunting. And with one of the world's most grueling ocean races underway. The worst disaster in the Sydney to Hobart race is remembered what highlights from they often is the memory of saying containership as the bow went down over the y you could say to propel us coming out the back spinning so that kind of made you aware that they were pretty big Wes. I the update. I'm Stewart MacIntosh with the BBC news. Hello. Japan has confirmed that it's to resume commercial whale hunting next year, and is withdrawing from the International Whaling Commission. Can't Weiner has more details and government spokesman told reporters that wailing would receive next July, but would be restricted to the country. Third tornado waters and exclusive economic zone. The announcement was not unexpected Japan has long maintained that most whale species and not endangered and that eating well as part of its culture it began what it described his scientific wailing in one thousand nine hundred seven the year after the WC imposed an international moratorium on the commercial practice. Japan has also continued to hunt smaller species of whale not covered by the I W C ban in its coastal waters. The trial of a Chinese human rights lawyer one Changjiang on charges of state subversion has opened amid tight security police. Locked down the courthouse in the city of Tianjin southeast of the capital. Beijing from their Stephen McDonnell reports quo transaction has been ill.

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