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Him. Yeah no problem. Fight a kid did. What's my kid mama. Come up but it's it's a hit. I mean i've let's see cds ten eleven thirteen fourteen right now Fourteen fifteen published. I don't know. But i don't know if listen williams my favorite. But it seems like it's their favorite that makes sense so that's doped up on something. It's like unanimous everybody likes. My granddaughter will be two next month. So that's important when i ordered it. That's what i ordered it for was for her for her birthday. I get inboxes from parents. either reading the books to their kids or their kids reading the book so that's got to be such an amazing feeling better than the money. That's wonderful that's amazing when you do things from the heart. You can't go wrong you'll never go wrong. It doesn't matter what it is. If you're doing it from the heart you can't go wrong absolutely. I mean i just like to read. And i wanna push black literacy. We're not spending enough time in libraries and stuff so it doesn't. I have a theory. That a lot of these These young rappers probably are we might be good rappers but they'll probably be better poets or writers exposed enough to the art form. You i mean yes. I actually do understand rating cool again. My son was just in here. he So when he was little he read the dictionary for fun. And this source. So i have another son. That's thirteen. That reads the dictionary for fun reading something that has always been mandatory. My house we don't do. Tv's in the bedrooms. You need to read for thirty minutes before you go to bed. And now sean as a rapper as an artist you can see it. You know the way that he uses the different words and things like that you can tell that. He studied the dictionary of the language. Says some really weird shit you can tell you. Can i like to think you can see it in my writing. You know what. I mean you can tell when you've i don't know if i've mastered it but you can tell if you've got the hang of this ever master it because that's subject to interpretation so i mean as long as you mastered it to where you want to be and what you want to do with it then. Hey she can't. Nobody tell you know are nothing else. I love it. I love it. Seems like so they're anthologies right so. This is a collection of short stories imposed. Poland by writers. So i'm getting a lot of a lot of people are getting a chance to sometimes for the first time. See their words published in a book. You know what i mean. And i i try to. I try to get royalties. So if you go get the book. Online at lulu dot com. I'm not the only one getting paid per book. You know what..

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