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Trains will not be stopping at those stations. There's a full list on w t o p dot com Jack Taylor w T o p traffic and Let's check here with Lauren Records and get the latest in our forecast that you Lauren. Hello there. We've got that sun coming up just about an hour from now, and we're looking at another pretty sunrise. Today. We've got a few clouds that are hanging around the I 95 corridor little clear off to the Shenandoah Valley. But again, we'll go with the mix of sun and clouds. Hey, I also have to keep a little bit of a breeze and they're once again It'll be out of the South and west so it won't quite have that bite to it. But again, 10 to 25 1 hour winds, temperatures a touch warmer than yesterday, right around 50 degrees. So all in all, not a bad day now, Tomorrow Main story wins gusting up to 35. Maybe 40 miles an hour. Tomorrow we'll have the twins out of the north and West Tomorrow temperatures. Oh, on Lee around 40. So you know when she's gonna be pretty cold in the twenties and low 30. Tomorrow. We won't have some sunshine. A few clouds at times tomorrow, maybe even a few flurries floating by in the morning. Otherwise Thursday and Friday, back to partly sunny skies mid to upper forties this weekend temperatures in the mid to upper thirties Next chance of some rain or snow still looks to be this following Monday. We'll see how that all plays out. 36 right now in Washington, Baltimore 37, Leesburg, 34, Fredericksburg, 33. And right now, Lauren, we've got 36 in Alexandria and 35 outside of our studios. It's brought to you by new look. Own design right now. Save 50% on all roofing materials. It's 6 21 As you've been hearing and w T o P traffic and weather on the 86.

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