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Doing it for wondering a terrific podcast network. That's produced a ton of great shows. I'm sure you've heard of it sports wars. It's what it sounds like it should be. It's multi episode arcs about rivalries, but not just rehashing of like Red Sox Yankees or Duke, North Carolina. Nothing that giant and mainstream. The first arc is Brett Farr for Aaron Rodgers. And yes, they're NFL people. But we do go back to the college days for each and talk about how Brett farve was trying to keep Aaron Rodgers on the bench in it's the the old grizzled vet against the young up and coming hotshot type quarterback. We also go into non football stories like Michael Jordan verse is Ahah Thomas. Rafa doll verse. Roger. For all you tennis dorks out there. And we'll get into some details. You either didn't know or you forgot happened or you just will enjoy bathing in once again, again, it's hosted by may and even though tie isn't behind the dials of this project, the episodes to sound terrific trust me with all sorts of high level production by some super talented producers who've worked both in the sports podcasts world and the TV world at places like ESPN and FOX. So what follows is a short preview clip that will give you a taste. But I really would appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. If you'd subscribe at wondering dot FM slash solid. That's W O N D E R, Y dot FM slash solid. It's a slow time in the college football world..

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