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Because i got people coming in and they leave unhappy. I'm so my pool of pages represents not only the mass that allows me to unlock head terms unlock topic performance but it also represents the infrastructure that can drive plans based on like surgical striking and one of those ways is intent mismatch. The other one is if i'm ranking for head terms and not ranking for lower competition variance. Because i'm not satisfied. That tells me a lot about me right. It could tell me. I don't have anything in the middle of the fun is working with the large publisher of ever alert. Those i was working with a large publisher who just realized that they had no traffic coming from the middle. And i'm like yeah. You don't have any that does that. And they're like. Yeah but can. I just like rank work because like i owned the main topic and like no. You've never written content. That tells the story that you know comparison. You're not a comparison shopping engine. You have never ridden concept for someone in the middle of the foul. You've only ridden early. Stage awareness is the gosh darn name of the site right and so if you think you can just go right in a versus b. Arbel because you own the head and you own google stated attempt which adds to wearing your sorely mistaken. You've got to build sometimes even when you own the head. You don't own details so you need the jaw. You need the teeth. And you need to understand where you have the wins because if you just go out and try to knock out long tail they call it the old techniques two thousand five coins long tailing right. You just go right belong tail and hope that unlocks your invitation to the party so that you can write for the pillar or the middle of the head. It doesn't work anymore. it doesn't work. You can go do that and get lucky. 'cause as low competition but you really need to be thinking about the entire user journey. I just saw it happen with the june july up. Is i've done some extensive multi million site analyses and one major thing is the way to google allows intense to be evaluated and the biggest finding that i had was sites that dropped in authority on their topics can no longer ranch or non. The nose intent so give me an example of that yet short so an example of that would be which is used crm. 'cause i don't wanna give exact examples. It's a hot topic for us today for us today. let's say. I was ranking for customer relationship management before and i was also reading for best customer relation management software also ranking for customer relationship management. Free and i was making for best. Crm tools and compare crm tools. And they were all. I was very high authority for that top clearly. A my site right but my page that was performing. Maybe i was told i should only have one h right and i just got into my authority. Goes down on this concept. This concept site section pair. My page never really followed through with comparing software. It was a what is type article right. it never really got into comparing so previously. I had so much authority. And i could get away with non on the nose satisfaction for users but now my authority drops now. I don't get away with being able to rank with a what is page on a comparison query. The only people that can get away with that are the ultra high thorn because they actually cover. They're getting more credit credibility. So when i see a third one signal of authority drop or game is that you're able to rank for off not on the nose intense when you're lower thirty you've got to be right on the nose specifically and then if you're even lower you can't even get invited to the party. I'm in this. Those are the ways that i think about this. The problem becomes is really complex to not only think about ranking for individual keywords which hopefully have a lot of but also topics and then thinking about domain authority in your head terms. So we're gonna talk a little bit more about how to bring all of those together and how you can use technology to tackle your seo strategy in tomorrow's episode so that wraps up this episode of the voices of search podcasts. Thanks for listening to my conversation with jeff. Coyle co founder and chief strategy officer at market muse in the third part of this conversation which will publish tomorrow. Jeff and i are going to talk about how to bring humans and search costs together to improve your rankings. If you can't wait until the next episode and you'd like to contact jeff you could find a link to his linked in profile on our show notes. You can contact him on twitter where his handle. Is jeffrey underscore coil. That's j. e. f. f. r. e. y. Underscore co y. L. e. or. 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